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Sign up for mail in ballots and register as a dem or repub. That way you get sent all of the ballots. Some counties won't send out local ballots if you're not registered as one of the two.

The ballots also have short descriptions of what you are voting on. Don't listen to what the description say. Go online and look it up, my county tries to get some stupid shit passed by having misleading descriptions.

Do a search on everything on those ballots including people you're voting for. Don't vote for someone simply because they are registered for a party you like. After you do search on someone half the time they could be against everything you want and for some crazy nonsense.

Be an educated voter.


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helpful tip: if your a canadian goat reading this comment, OP's advice then doubly applies at your local level becuase of how our system works (local elections feed more heavily into higher election levels compared to local elections in the states)