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Two proof-of-concept examples for an idea:

  • The War on Terror
  • The War on Drugs

Idea: you can't just make something bad disappear by making it illegal

Every new law/rule/restriction is giving up a small slice of your freedom for something - so what is that something? It's not "to make guns go away" or some wishy-washy goal

You want a desired outcome - presumably you want to be safer, or reduce gun violence or something. So, you ask yourself two questions:

  • What is the desired outcome
  • What is your policy's efficacy toward that outcome?

Bonus points for using precedent and justifying that this previous example would also apply here.

I am pro gun-rights, but I like to think I keep an open mind. So my 'open-mindedness' is here: show me an example of the above working - a successful gun-control policy working. Not to suggest that one couldn't, but it's been tried enough in the past that I'm not going to take some new attempt at face value


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To your point, if every crime committed with a gun caused the convicted felon to be given life or the death penalty it would reduce gun violence far more than laws concerning firearms themselves. It's obvious they really don't want to reduce gun violence as this would be the first fucking thing to do.


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And then your ass would get life in prison for self defense when a group of dindus chimp out.


[–] WanderingMitten ago 

Bro. you're forgetting the best example. Alcohol Prohibition. What did this result in? More Booze options, illegal business practices and gangsters focusing on the illegal sale of alcohol to profit off of.

We've known for a long time this shit doesn't work but the people in power are sick fucks who just want the ability to control people and tell them what they can and can't do.


[–] EatingSteak ago 

I'd considered that one, but IMO there's a little too much overlap with the drug war. I never understood why "drugs and alcohol" are treated differently in the first place.

Common thread though - you don't make the bad thing to away, and you give all the power to the black markets

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I think you forgot "shall not be infringed".