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On average, white people are the largest and strongest race. I quit playing football because id rather be a weed smoking, tons of free time having entrepreneur than a tackling dummy, but many of my black friends growing up didn't have the same confidence.


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Exactly right. The worlds strongest man is always white

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Think about it this way, youre a prospective slave owner off to see the next set cargo which just got put on display. Are you going to take the small, skinny, weak looking African or are you going to try and by the big strong looking, well built, healthy looking African who you can put to work in the field from sunrise to sunset?

Its simply a case of what you could call selective breeding, Europeans do have the tallest average population heights and I don't remember hearing about many bodybuilding or strongmen champions from Africa in recent memory but its not like America isn't famous for doing everything bigger.


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Cute anecdote, but the data tells a different story. Also you think slave owners wanted to chase after Jamal Charles? Or have to subdue and whip Ray Lewis? Anyone can pick cotton.

Biology also has a pretty standard rule that more massive subspecies are found in colder climates, smaller individuals towards the equator.