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As French President Emmanuel Macron seeks to ram through pro-business labor reforms that would weaken the bargaining power of workers and make it easier for companies to fire employees, tens of thousands of workers and students took to the streets across France Tuesday to express their opposition to Macron’s agenda.

Yeah.. We're talking about one of the countries where to fire someone, you need to go to court. I would hardly call giving business some more power a bad thing. Peugeot(Or possibly Virgin) almost faced bankruptcy because of a similar problem, where workers demanded more, but there was no legal way to negotiate from the employer's side. Belgium next door, American companies stationed there found it easier to keep someone on payroll indefinitely and bar them from premises, than to fire them, simply because the cost of termination was too much.

Led by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), France’s second largest trade union, demonstrators flooded Paris and other major cities chanting: “Macron you’re screwed, the slackers are in the streets.”

At least they're being honest about what they are. 35 hour work weeks, 2-3 months of vacation a year, flex accounts, free lunches,etc. I remember, since when I was looking at jobs in the area, they provided some very lucrative benefits. And this was for basic positions.

Protestors also called attention to other pro-business elements of Macron’s agenda, including tax cuts for the wealthy, changes to unemployment insurance, and pension reform.

You mean, Macron is faced with a decision of what the fuck to do now that the pension problem is becoming an issue? Who would have thought that giving people a mega socialist state, going so far as to protect workers at the expense of everything else, would eventually bankrupt it?

“We don’t want protections stripped away so people are forced into precarious, low-wage jobs like they are in Britain or Germany,” Valérie, a health assistant from outside Paris, told the Guardian. “My grandparents and great-grandparents fought to have social security, to get rights which are now being stripped away. This is about protecting the French social model.”

I'm not as familiar with Germany, but worker law protections in the EU are pretty high. Who exactly is feeding them this horseshit? Your grandparents are also the ones that voted to trade social security for their givs, so they can shut the fuck up.

Tldr: France decides to go on strike, because it's a national sport


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Thanks for informative post.


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Does France have socialist protests everyday?