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Donald Trump only became a republican in 2009 in order to run for president. Before that he was a democrat mega-donor, including to Hillary Clinton. 14 days after he campaign and won on "Lock Her Up" he changed his tune back to "She's suffered enough." He didn't change after he was elected, he was lying when he was campaigning like any other politician.

Edit: He didn't say it was bad for America, like OP says, only bad for the GOP, which he is only marginally aligned with. He's more chummy with Nancy and Chuck than Mitch and Paul.

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Republican voters are comprised of a hell of a lot of previously Democrat voters. The Democrats have become completely insane and the corruption untenable. Political affiliation isn't coded into your DNA.

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Reagan was a Democrat once. I'm not arguing that conversion can't happen.

My point is his actions since getting elected show he hasn't converted.

Those are just off the top of my head.

Honestly can someone name a campaign promise he has lived up to?

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sure, but most of us are former democrats. there's nothing wrong with realizing your mistakes and trying to fix them

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You know I was thinking about this and would like to provide another perspective. You think that by not actively going after Clinton he is in fact attempting to erase her from history? Think about it we all know who John Wilkes Booth was, but by not going after her she will be forgotten to history and that would hurt her more.

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That is some next level cuckoldry. You telling me that her walking free is worse for Hillary than prison?

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I agree. Prosecuting her (or Comey, or Lerner, or Rice) would dominate the political/media landscape for a year or more, and achieve nothing of value politically. It would distract from building the wall, cutting taxes, and fixing all the destruction Obama wrought on the military, the federal bureaucracy, healthcare, and everything else he fucked up for 8 years.

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That's a pretty dumb idea mate. I'm sure if you put it to a vote, more people would want a relentlessly immoral psychopath to pay for all the corruption and the suffering she inflicted over the years rather than simply have her name snubbed in the history books while some chroniclers chuckle. She's already in the history books already anyway, less for having been First Lady and more for having run a presidential campaign (several times) and being sec of state.

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But knee deep in the swamp, surrounded by his (((daughter and son in law))) and the "advisors" that have been put around him. Not to mention Kelly cutting him off from his base. I want to believe he'll make the right choice today, not four years ago, but here and now. We need to make damn sure he knows that flopping on this, seals his presidency and legacy as one of failure if he allows it to happen.

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Hes already made a tweet an hour ago saying:

"No deal was made last night on DACA. Massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent. Would be subject to vote."

But 30 mins later hes trying to make the case for illegals again like hes still trying to sell the idea in a double tweet


"Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!....."


"...They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own - brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security"

Keep up the pressure do not waver.

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He's really close to losing me if he doesn't stop his bullshit soon. I stayed up late and woke up early the whole campaign, shit posting with the best of them and was so excited to see him win. Now I'm sure things are better than with Hillary, but he's turning his back on the people who voted him in.

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some serving in the military

Illegals in the military. What is going on? Is everyone asleep?

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His intentions are good, but he's surrounded by the swamp and his daughter like you said. I like Trump 100%, maybe he's just doing some weird negotiating and setting up things to get the wall built. Alex Jones seems to think it's possible he's getting his drinks drugged by McMaster and the swamp around him.

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Alex jones is a jew, trump is a jew, the US government and the media is a giant puppet show to keep you distracted and pacified. The time was long ago for changes needed to be made. Trump is talking about illegals in the military like that is a good thing. Fuck that. Fuck em.

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If he gives amnesty Texas, Florida, New York, etc will always be blue. I don't think he gives a fuck about republicans which is what he says in the tweet.. Until we end dual citizenship for politicians America doesn't have a chance.

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Immigration is ALL ABOUT VOTES!! Anyone & I mean anyone that thinks differently is a STUPID IDIOTIC FAGGOT!! That is all.

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Nah, that's bullshit. It's maybe HALF about votes.

Why do you think Republicans at every level have approved amnesty, haven't built a wall, haven't passed laws to prevent illegals from obtaining jobs/homes/bank accounts/drivers licenses/education/healthcare/welfare? They could, yet in 40 years they haven't. They know illegals and their offspring vote Democrat, so why?

Money, that's why. The big industries that make billions exploiting illegal labor pay millions to all the crooked political fucks annually so they'll vote accordingly. Agriculture, construction, meatpacking/slaughterhouses, they all employ MILLIONS of illegals, and the local/state/federal governments turn a blind eye and have for decades.

Also, "both" parties - including the one NOT getting the votes from illegals - want massive immigration because they need to keep desperately inflating the Social Security/Medicare Ponzi schemes as long as they can; immigrants serve as a new "base" of the pyramid. The federal government has been bankrupt for a very long time, yet importing 50 or 100 million illegal aliens has enabled them to keep up the illusion thus far.

I would say that votes make up less than 1/3 of the motivation behind aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

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Surprise math quiz:

(For this math problem assume every illegal gets a job at some point in their lives, and for every person arrested at the border AT LEAST one snuck in)

If trump creates ~1.2 million new jobs for citizens and taxpayers in 2017, but legalizes 800,000 DACA beaners, then subtract the number of illegals who crossed the border in 2017, and all the H1B's how many net jobs are created for americans?

Show your work

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6 gorillion.

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Uhhhh, mocho grande?

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Here's the angle. He's not republican and doesn't care about the party, they certainly don't care for him. He's not democrat and doesn't care about the party, they certainly don't care for him. He's working one against the other. If he can unify the party that has total control of the legislature by working with their enemy then he can get them to pass bills and actually get shit done. Then he simply vetoes whatever he doesn't like. He can even line veto shit like Little Bush and Obomber did. But he can't craft the bills the way he wants via line vetoes until bills actually reach his desk.

Eight months and the legislature has done absolutely nothing. That's their best way of resisting Trump. When Trump starts getting democrats to put bills on his desk then the republicans will be spurred to act together and pass their own bills proactively.

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I'm sure that's what he is doing. Congress refused to repeal Obozocare, after they ran and won elections saying they would. Tax reform is being stalled as well. The UniParty doesn't want the Wall. Trump needs to force their hands, and I believe he is doing just that. We need to support him, and we'll see where it leads. This is one man fighting the entire government. He's doing the best he can.

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We do need to support him. He's so far proven with every maneuver he's made that he was already acting 5 or more steps ahead of everyone else's. A master at manipulation and negotiation with clear and evidenced intent for America's improvement.

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the angle is that Trump is working with the Dems in order to spur action from the RINOs

Yeah I'd believe you if the republicans weren't fucking democrat lites. If you think all the hemming and hawwing in congress and senate with the inability to pass things they claim they want to pass, with the numbers for full control, is simply due to them resisting Trump, you're not looking far enough. Dems and Repubs are both establishment. Republicans want exactly the same things that Dems do, because both parties are controlled by the exact same hand. Republicans CLAIM they want X Y and Z but in reality they don't and will fight against it, as we've seen. Throwing egg on Trump's face is just a side bonus for them.

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Yeah I think rather than trying to "spur action" from the RINO's, he's trying to wake up the Republican voters in the states where these treasonous fuckers are elected in the hopes that they will be voted out in 2018. Then just MAYBE he'll be able to get some shit done with an actual conservative supermajority in Congress.

There's very little chance of him accomplishing what he wants as things stand in the Congress and judiciary and bureaucracy right now; he's being thwarted at every level every step of the way. There are already 19 states bringing lawsuits against him on his order phasing out DACA!

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yet he tweets this out this morning https://i.imgtc.com/MLKO6KN.png

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I hate that he used the Democrats' propaganda line about the military. 0.1% of dreamers are in the military.

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Controlled opposition in a nutshell.

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If he falters here, there will be civil war. Maybe not even in my lifetime. But eventually, the combined degeneracy and tap-dancing on the grave of white history will be too much. The south will go completely blue, and the GOP, if they hold even a shred of conservative values after this fiasco, will be fighting tooth and nail to hold any power. Every other group breeds like rabbits, ON MY FUCKING DIME!

Trump is the last chance for there to be one conservative, small-medium government powerhouse on the world stage. If we get amnesty, I'll either have to brush up on my Mexican Spanish, or start learning Polish and IFRS accounting standards.

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