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no no, all he has to do is this.... just a message in his old language...


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His Twitter account has delivered more than a few laughs and burns recently, so I was really hoping to see something other than an official apology for the porn like.

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Its already pretty much blown over. He handled this properly unlike, say, anthony weiner, claiming he got hacked (a felony)

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I would not have voted for him based on the fact that he clearly works for the bankers and in this example speaks like a nigger.

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He was ineligible, since his was born in Canada.

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Eligible because he was born to a US citizen, and didn't go through the adjustment. People remain citizens of our country if they are born to our people, no matter the location they are born in.

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Constitution doesn't say just citizen. It says natural born citizen.

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Well, he would get the 12 year old vote at least.

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I dropped twitter a while ago, so I can't check. Is this real?

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It's not. He's currently spam tweeting about taxes in a vain hope to deflect attention.

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Fuck that sleazy rat and his goldman sachs wife