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So give the book a 2 star review and explain in detail why the book is, at best, only worthy of that 2nd star. If they want to move the goalposts, let's force them to move the goalposts until they are deleting everything except for 5-star reviews, just so that we can make them show off their own biases.

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If amazon have decided to exercise editorial control over the review comments. That could severely weaken any safe harbor defence they could make against someone who might sure them over the contents of a review. This could end worse for Amazon than they expect.

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Just like Eddit after Spez edited multiple comments to change their attacks on him into attacks on r/The_Donald moderators.

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You get it.

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Let's give everyone predisposition awards too rofl lol

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2 stars to represent only 2 genders

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5 stars for 5 body doubles?

[–] Boyakasha 4 points 28 points (+32|-4) ago 

A purchase should be required to review something. I don't want idiots spamming anything with bullshit reviews.

On that note, we all already know that her book is a massive shit sandwich.

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You can purchase things from other places than amazon.

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dont they have a "verified purchase" title under the reviews for books like products?

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yeah, but it's not required to post a review

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Well, Amazon doesn't want to shut out people who don't have verified purchases, because they collect data on users, and tweak what products display to them so they can sell more items.

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I didn't follow the election at all.. wasn't her thing shit burgers?

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That's so ridiculous, I personally read the book and it is just terrible.

It would actually deserve one star.

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Antilliminati...taking a really bad one for the team . . .

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Take an Internet point...for your sacrifice.

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I was wondering where those reviews went because they were awesome!

I liked the reviews that promoted Hillary's book for use as toilet paper and as something to jam underneath a wobbly table leg.

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Lets start posting 2 star reviews!

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Amazon took some heavy hits in the comment section of Yahoo

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Amateur trolling folks. We need to rate it five stars with subtle digs and upvoat the best troll ones. They're gonna filter 1-2 star reviews by default

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Yeah, Amazon censors reviews. I don't trust them. They're a shady company. Like most big companies.

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Amazon is far worse than most. They get taxbreaks from their online business model, - being subsidized by taxpayers, they used illegal anti-trust predatory tactics to bankrupt other online retailers, such as purposely operating at a loss on diapers until other diaper subscription companies died out, the owner also owns the extreme left militant communist propaganda outlet Washington Post, the owner is a jew who has a 500 million dollar contract with the CIA. There is no reason their acquisition of Whole Foods should have been approved under antitrust law, except that the jews get a free pass.

Amazon declares no dividends - they inject all their money directly back into the company so they can claim no profit and bankrupt more competitors. Shareholders get pissed but the jew owner doesnt give a shit.

Amazon is extremely dangerous and people who don't realize this fact are part of the problem.

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This should be the top comment

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So what you're saying is: bust the trusts and have the Internet as a public utility?

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