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Let's see..the EU has been threatening Poland non stop. Threatening them with muslim rapists and terrorists. Threatening them with financial penalties. Threatening them with the loss of sovereignty. All for no reason.

Eurotrash leftists are lost in total insanity and aren't capable of seeing reason, so yeah, Poland should never let up.

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And how does any of that justify suing Ukraine?

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Here, read how (((ukrainians))) treated poles in Volhynia
Ukraine is literally South Africa of Europe.

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The Ukrainians running the country are pieces of shit who have embraced Bandera and other Ukie Nazi collaborators as basically the fathers of the country and have rallied behind their symbolism, of course Poland is going to sue the fuck out of them

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Because Polish land and buildings, specifically designated as a means of production in Ternopil, Volyn, Rivne, Kharkiv & others were siezed. They owe, they pay.

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I'm not a fan of reparations in any form, for any reason, honestly. I never owned slaves, you never picked cotton.

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good for you i guess?

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WWII veterans are dying out, but we still have them. None of the slaves freed by the Civil War are alive.

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I picked a lot of cotton shirts.

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Notice there is no claims from Poland directed against Russia, only Western backed nations. Russia stripped the resources and absorbed more land from Poland than Germany and the Ukraine combined.

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Russia isn't demanding that Poland take in millions of sand nogs.

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Neither is Ukraine.

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There is.

Not only reparations. But also our fucking presidential plane and jewelry stolen from our 2010 government.

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Can't really sue a country that hates you. It's either take it like a cuck or prep for war.

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And Russia.

Don't forget Russia. Their NKVD killed a lot of our inteligencia

Also it actually might go through. This will be a wonderful shitshow. Welp, your own mistake Germany, Globalists and specifically traitor Tusk.

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Not gonna result in fuck all to sue russia and you know it

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Good, fuck those two shitty little countries in the ass. Good for poland.

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A united Europe? Only in his dream.