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If this were a high school essay on 1984, it would get an 'F' for comprehension.

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To be fair, she is a brain damaged, alcoholic sociopath.

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Psychopath. Her environment didn't make her like this.

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I thought you were going to post evidentiary links...not some silly meme. This is just snark. I want this cunt to swing.

Edit: That typo. The shade remains.

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Well, if it were in high school as we remember it. All high school students appear to be brain damaged and only very slightly literate these days, as a rule.

These days, the teacher might mark this down for not adhering sufficiently to whatever the mandatory 'common core' writing style is, or because he or she doesn't think any of the longer, non monosyllabic words are real.

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Thank you for that comment it sums up my thoughts better then I could have.

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OP also gets an F for reading comprehension. This paragraph is about the anti-authoritarian message of 1984 and how the work is subversive and thus should be discarded. I disagree with the conclusion, but there's no glaring flaw in the logic here.

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Have read through it several times, and "if" the real goal was to highlight the book itself as subversive, they should have hired a better ghost writer, because that's not what it says. Your theory is that they tried to write a whole different paragraph, but for some reason, wrote it completely differently than they intended.

"This is what happens IN... [the book]"

The authoritarianism the ghost writer is talking about is IN the book. IN the story line. It's not about the book itself being subversive. Just read through it again and outline if you need to.

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Good news everyone!

Hillary Clinton has raised chocolate ration from twenty grams to thirty grams!

'What a time to be alive!


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Double plus good!

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Very few people will fully appreciate your comment, but I do.

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Amazing news Brother!

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She didn't read 1984, much like every other thing shoe does, she tries to fake it and demands people to believe its true.

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You're assuming she actually wrote this book. Whoever wrote this book for her probably didn't actually read 1984.

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Ghost writer probably read a cliff notes version of the book.

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I love how she uses a book about the evils of unrestrained Progressive government to argue for unrestrained Progressive government.

Remember kids, a big part of the leftist movement in the early 1900s was a belief that science and reason - personified in credentialed experts - was infallible. The early progressives (including those branches that would become socialist) believed that one could perfectly order a society under "experts". She is literally arguing for what 1984 is arguing against, and claiming that 1984 supports her position.

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She has to use a book, because she'd fail miserably if she were to actually have to answer questions in a real interview or, god forbid, engage in a fair debate (no cheating) to present her issues; she'd be laughed off the platform and she knows it. That's why she never does those things. You can't interview a book. The cunt can still stay in hiding and not face any tough questions... she really hates those pesky tough questions.

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What's sad is there are people reading this book and thinking to themselves " she's soooo right! Trump = Orwells 1984. We need to silence these people so CNN can bring us the truth. Hillary is a genius."

Idiots believe in this shit so there is no room for logic and reason.

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I think you nailed that one.

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Why would any ody who understands science declare it was infallible when the entire premise of science is that you keep testing to make sure the hypothesis is still correct a real scientist will almost always admit to being fallible because so many times they are proven wrong I mean wtf.

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belief that science and reason - personified in credentialed experts - was infallible.

Not arguing for leftism but.... isnt this exactly the same what every religion under the sun is doing? Every single religion has priests, and they always have the last word on everything, and cant be questioned, and wont explain themselves because they "just know", and if you question their miraculous authority, youre dead. Leftism mirrors religions in basically every single aspect other than having a deity in the sky, instead you are required to worship the state.

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Irony is lost on this bitch.

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I kept thinking "projection."

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Sanity lost she rambles on and on

All in at all cost she gambled on

Her criminal acts being foregiven or forgotten

Her lies and deciept, foul intentions, agenda rotten

Corruption quite clear she attempted theft of the voat

Now she writes fiction when it's murder she wrote

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But show this to the left and they all nod and say, "five fingers". Tell them you want to think for yourself and you'd rather not trust strangers and you're a heretic.

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Apologies. You're right. Nazi. And a Nazi who doesn't want anyone telling me who to like or hate, which makes no sense. A mythical reactionary Nazi. Like a jackelope.

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And yet that is exactly what they try to use MSM for. They literally lied about the polls, they lied about the emails all they do is lie. And she talks about authoritarianism as though she is not the problem.

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From what I've read this morning, you're one of the few with power in Florida.

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