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That's a f-cked up statement. I don't know what kind of loser women you hang with but I DON'T fantasize about being raped & I am FOR CLOSED borders. Please don't confuse mentally ill women with the rest of us. 👿

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You're probably being Satisfied by whoever you are with. These feminists cannot get a man, so all they have are their rape fantasies. Why rape? Because rape implies that the man finds them so desirable that he cannot contain himself.

[–] Weary99Bunny 4 points 13 points (+17|-4) ago 

Actually I am not with anyone but I STILL don't fantasize about being raped. I am a romantic, THAT is not romance.

[–] sir_andy_of_bad 4 points 8 points (+12|-4) ago 

Exactly. It's why these feminists all have biker boyfriends, not the cucked beta vagina-faced nu-males that like to gaggle around them, tipping their fedoras with a crackly "Gooday M' Lady". They then wonder why they can't get laid and blame the rest of the males who have enough self-esteem to get a good job, find a conservative woman who will bear them lots of strong children who will in turn take care of them when they become old and infirm. It's just another way (((they))) create a populace dependent upon the state. You gotta hand it to (((them))), they certainly know how to pander to our weaknesses. Weaknesses that are acted upon once we remove God from the normies.

[–] lissencarak 16 points 8 points (+24|-16) ago  (edited ago)

Listen, snowflake. It's quite well-known that most women have sexual domination fantasies. Of course, they usually involve a Chad, and not a loser.

[–] Philosopher_King 2 points 23 points (+25|-2) ago 

You won't find many women agreeing to this. It's locker room talk. Women know it's true, but won't say it to other men, but their girlfriends.

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Here's one big problem with all of this shit in the "red pill" male community. You guys think in extremes all of the time. And it comes from a place of fear. A woman having fantasies about sexual domination doesn't necessarily equate to rape. Rape is a particular fantasy and there are several good psychological reasons women fantasize about it. The biggest being a dissipation of responsibility. They don't have to be a particular type of thing or act a particular type of way to be a sexual goddess for a man in a rape situation. A lot of women are really fucking insecure about sex, and particularly so when it comes to having sex with someone they care about. Not to mention the fact women are valued for being sexually chaste, while men have it the other way around.

Combine that, and a fantasy wherein she gets to have ZERO responsibility for the sex and also doesn't have to try to be sexy for someone else, i.e. she is just getting fucked by what becomes basically an object, is a pretty easy fantasy to understand. Does it mean she literally wants a man to forcibly fucking rape her in real life? Probably not. I'm sure there may be some women who could truly desire it. People are fucked up man.

But you guys take a fact you learn about women's sexuality and you just blow it up x100. "Oh she had a rape fantasy? That little whore probably wants her professor to hold her down and fuck her, probably wants the fast food service guy to just take her by the fryer and rape her."

Fucking relax. If a woman wants to get raped, she can do so without having to open our borders. There are plenty of fringe areas she could go and get raped here, by a legal citizen. This theory of OP's is retarded.

[–] Weary99Bunny 13 points 9 points (+22|-13) ago 

First of all, I am NOT a snowflake. Secondly, sexual domination fantasies don't have to include rape. Thirdly, be respectful to a woman & she will play out YOUR fantasies. There ARE REAL women out there, ya know.

[–] Schreiber 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Many white males have become beta and domesticated. They can no longer "dominate" their women.

This is why gender roles are important. You can mock the muslims but they sure can keep their women in line. Muslim men are more dominating and the european girls love getting raped by them. That's the only explanation of why those girls are pro-refugees and constantly vote left.

White men used to be great, they were self sufficient. The women stayed at home, cook, and take care of kids. Effeminate fags were culled. Then the new left came and destroyed everything.

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Lady, op isn't talking about you. He's talking about THE WOMEN THAT HATE you. You don't get it because well. . .you're actually winning at life, (assuming here) but yeah, the women that HATE you, the multi-colored haired, mansplaining, manspreading pearl-clutchers who's MAIN AIM is to exact REVENGE on women LIKE YOU for WINNING while they sit at home with their 50 cats.

When women are NOT satisfied, they turn against their society that they live in. This is actually serious, because it isn't the men that they REALLY want to go after, it's women LIKE YOU who won the biological game.

You are at a point where you have to wake up and see what the hell is going on lest you get caught up in it when you could have avoided it. Eyes open, and watch. There was no reason to bite at OP like that if you weren't one of the mentally ill women we're both talking about. You KNOW who OP is talking about and it's a real danger.

It'd be good if you took it seriously instead of trying to find ways to get offended.

Feminism is the Communism of sex.

[–] chirogonemd 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Agreed with this. Listen, we all have fantasies. But that is the point of a fantasy. It allows you to sort of pseudo-experience a fuller slice of the sexual pie, but more often than not, most of my fantasies I legitimately would not want in real life. That's actually exactly the point. Its a way to deal with subconscious fears, curiosities, etc. Oddly enough, many of my fantasies have to do with things that tend to repulse me. I might be weird.

But regardless of what we fantasize about - even if it is rape - I don't think anyone is trying to undermine a nation/economy and just generally dilute their country with shitbags to fulfill a fringe sexual fantasy. The logistics of this are just cosmically stupid. They could just literally go walk down some dark alley in a city and after a few days or weeks of this, its bound to happen. If they want it, they can do it without opening a nation's borders.

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Like you said, they do not actually want their rape fantasies to become reality. However, it has influenced their political behaviors.

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Great logic!

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That's right.

Not Jews.

Not Jews.

Not Jews.

White women!

I wonder who is behind this post.

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Anything to make whites hate each other.

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Funny how quickly the narrative shifts here when you got a couple thousand bots upvoating each other on v/funny. The anti woman d&c is all over the chans and has crept into voat. "Hate your women goyim, I know some Pakistanis that will take them".

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It's pretty fucked up that women report having an orgasm in 73% of rape cases. Are they lying about that number? That percent is higher than consensual sex (only 20%) and rapists are not attractive if they have to resort to rape and, i have no idea, but they are probably not raping women with the purpose of giving them an orgasm.


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Rape also increases the chances of conception, humans evolved to rape.

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So essentially, consensual sex was a mistake, and we should do it like they do in south africa where most of the sex is rape because women will have more orgasms?

[–] canbot 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Rape is aggressive and going at it hard is far likelier to get her to orgasm. Another factor is that holding it back greatly increases the sensation. Try not to cum the next time you fuck or masturbate, when you do the sensation will be much stronger.

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That's interesting.

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I don't believe this theory. I think women are generally just less inclined to rebel against the dominant social climate, which unfortunately today means globohomo multiculturalism.

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You're mistaken. They're voting on fee-fees and sympathy because they believe that immigrants are suffering in their home countries, and that all will be solved if migrants step foot on the magic dirt of Western countries.

Unfortunately magic dirt isnt real, and Western countries actually succeed because of of their culture and intellectual ability. Hence bringing people with barbaric culture and median IQs in the low 80s from marrying their cousin for the last five thousand years doesnt actually help them, it just imports the shitshow.

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most of it is a misdirection of maternal instinct and desire to conform

the same women who hit the wall with a dog they dress up in i love mommy shirts are the same voting open borders

[–] turtlesareNotevil 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

Not the majority of white women. If only white women had voted in the last election Trump still would have won. Get your facts straight and quit acting like a Jew.

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Didn't over half of white females vote in favor of Trump? I thought white women tend to be leaning just towards conservative, and it's women as a WHOLE that drag the political structure down.

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