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lol, "“While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business." Totally normal, what a great guy. Did nothing wrong but resigns to help the community. He is the real victim here!

No one believes you, you sick fuck.

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Now he's been accused by five different men.

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Yikes, cancel cat facts pls

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Who were kids at the time they were raped

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And I am proud of what we have accomplished together at the City during my time as mayor, passing a nation-leading $15 minimum wage,

Bad thing.

and major progressive housing affordability

Bad thing

and police accountability legislation,

I want more info on this. info received, bad thing.

as well as negotiating an agreement to build a world-class arena that I believe in time will bring the NHL and NBA to Seattle.


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and police accountability legislation,

I want more info on this.

He means the nigger is always right and the cops are always wrong.

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The seattle police are no longer allowed to refer to them as "the suspect." It now must be "the community member."

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That's what I thought, bad thing.

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They also disbanded the gang tracking system they had in place, because it had too many non-whites on it. They literally know about 300 Black and Hispanic gang members, but are willfully ignoring that information because they have too few white gang members. And mentioned that they were contacting them to inform them they were no longer watching.

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Wait they build a fucking sports stadium without locking down a deal on a team?

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Fucking Seattle.

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"Build it, and he will come."

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He is talking about the progress on white genocide

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NHL in Seattle

If they don't land the next expansion slot, they are boned. And they already lost their floorsqueak team once.

But above all else:

taxpayer funded stadiums

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Non-mobil archive, for your pleasure.: http://archive.is/aObOd

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FYI, in the 80s a caseworker was certain he molested his foster son.


Now we just need to get rid of Sawant.

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So he did fight for "15"!

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Let me guess. He's a Democrat?

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