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That is a lie.

He is one of their strongest allies.


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Yeah he could have some ulterior motives. Maybe he knows the hammer is about to come down and wants to try and distance himself from it.


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The same Berkeley Mayor that is allegedly a member of BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), an extreme leftist group that openly advocates violence?

I sense shenanigans here. He is up to something that doesn't match with what he is saying publicly. Maybe he's trying to talk tough, but will not actually do anything. Or, perhaps he is trying to paint himself as not being involved with them (which there is ample evidence that he is).


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Politicians have no loyalty. They can sense a change in the winds a day before normal people, and they'll lower the loser's flag and raise the victor's flag before the victors even arrive.


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Yeah he could have some ulterior motives

Yeah, it's called saving his own ass.


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Well duh of course he is, why ally yourselfe with useful idiots when you might experience even the slightest of inconvenient.


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The media wanted so badly to help Antifa but when reporters were getting hurt the media turned on them. Antifa will soon have few establishment allies.


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This seems like a CYA measure from the mayor who we know gave stand down orders to police during the clash in April. I'll bet he gave stand down orders this time too, and the dumbass commie LARPers attacked those reporters. That's not some grainy video that Youtube can quickly censor. The word is out that Antifa is a violent terrorist group. Look for more of their fair-weather allies to turn.


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The same fucknugget that issued a stand-down order during a riot earlier this year? The same sack of shit that's trying to get UCB to fucking cancel free speech week?

I won't believe it until that butter-huffing spic fully endorses ALL constitutionally protected free speech, and tells the cops to arrest anyone wearing a mask at these events and to thump the skulls of anyone using violence to shut down opinions they don't agree with. And even then I'll have my doubts about his sincerity.


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OK, I may have had a couple pints, but to me this appears to be a first attempt to rename/relabel the criminality of the group, to something other than 'terrorists'. Will watch to see if "crime gang" becomes the name the MSM starts to use instead. Will be something like "these types of crime gangs, blah blah blah". Totally trying to detract from the label of terrorist and make it seem that crime gangs are a thing more than just antifa.

only my ramblings, any opinions welcome.


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You are very likely to be correct, espeical with the petition floating around to make the antifacucks a terrorist group-


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Crime gang? So is this an attempt to avoid getting labelled a terrorist by being a crime gang?


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“We also need to hold accountable and encourage people not to associate with these extremists because it empowers them and gives them cover,” said Arreguin.

He could resign then, AFTER taking action against the University and schools, professors, etc. that actively recruit students, to indoctrinate them into subversive Marxist ideology with the intent to overthrow our government and substitute it with Global Communism.


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He's just trying to virtue signal his way out of lawsuits that'll probably uncover that he had the police funnel people into a killing zone for AntiFa and then trap them there while they were attacked.

Hopefully this means there's at least one honorable police officer in Berkeley that's threatening to expose his corrupt mayor and chief of police.

If not at least a few of them will probably break when they're put under oath.


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under pressure much from people threatening to sue for not upholding law and order probably, no dough no show

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