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Jew Steve Pieczenik is a trained psychiatrist who was Deputy Assistant US Secretary of State no less, when he engineered the 1978 kidnap & murder of former Italian PM Aldo Moro.

Whose career epitomizes CIA thence Zionist infiltration at the US State Department. Kissinger's role in the Aldo Moro murder.

Pieczenik was subpoenaed by the FBI at the behest of the US Justice Department, then US AG Eric Holder, and Florida District Court Judge Cecilia Altonaga in response to the Moro affair, an action that appears to have fizzled. Link.

Bring him to trial on capital charges with all of his CIA come Mossad come Zionist mates in the State Department, the FBI, the CIA, in successive Presidential administrations, in both houses of the US Congress and in news dissemination.

Jews did 911, good friends to have ..