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I took a poli sci course in the 80s and the assigned books were Mein Kampf and What is to be Done? by Lenin.

I was too lazy to read then. I picked up Mein Kampf a few years ago and was shocked to see that Hitler originally was disgusted by communists. He worked at day labor jobs and the union members were all trying to get him to join the union and they were all communists. Then he made the further discovery. All communists were Jews.

He equated communism with civilizational suicide. (I mean, the productive get no incentive from work and the indolent depend upon the productive...what could go wrong?)

So, this idea Hitler hated Jews because they were Jews has no foundation. Hitler rightly opposed communists as the hell on earth shit pseudo-philosophy it is. It's a hostile take over of all of civilization by its authors and the authors are Jews. We have this confirmation from Hitler, Solzhenitsyn and Putin. Is there an honest Jew who can deny the clear benefits communism has for Jews?

Communism is the end game for the Jews according to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

So, the question arises. Why don't the Jews use their access and power--not to diminish the number of us goyim--but wipe us out completely?

Because they need our labor and tax servitude.


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Iv'e been saying this for years. It falls right in line with the Samson option mindset. Import your enemies to your enemies, the silly goyim will no longer be able to support Israel militariliy. From there its only a few years until the arabs start going after them hard.

Then they nuke the world and bring about a "new time" of genesis.