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Judging by the timing of the barrage of low quality shills, I would wager that they are from a lower wage time zone; India or Eastern Europe. I think their business hours are over by now, so it should calm down a bit :-)

How amazing was that campaign in Iraq? No more pulling punches when dealing with ISIS' drug addled scum animals. The Mad Dog Doctrine gave better results in less than half a year than six years of Clinton/Obama waffling about.


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I agree and the key here is to end ISIS so we can save Europe and remove kebab and save Western civilization.

I suspect that's the key reason why President Trump has been repeatedly emphasizing our "good" relationship with our Saudi enemies: because he's always said he wants them to orchestrate and fund the safe zones in Syria so we can make Muslims responsible for Muslims (no matter how savage that is) while removing kebab... and if people complain about Saudi human rights atrocities in Syria, nobody will care or be surprised when animals behave like animals. MAGA.


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Important to note the India comment as well. Using the regional partners to further economic growth is the only way to stabilize war torn Afghanistan.

Regarding Saudi Arabia, what you say is a great point: Muslims have a hard time respecting non-muslims (And slightly-different muslims... sigh...). Also, the Sauds are in charge of the Kabah, that pathetic savage idol to an evil religious ideology. That pretty much makes them un-fuck-withable unless you want the entire Islamic world to go completely ballistic.