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Yes, this is crazy: President Trump said during today's address that he refuses to telecast his troop movements to the enemy... and Shareblue have been claiming that's the same as promising a forever war in Afghanistan.

Refusing to announce troop moments to the world as a fucking campaign promise that President Trump is keeping.

ISIS is a mess that Obama and Hillary created and President Trump and Secretary Mattis are doing awesome work with the clean-up.

I just feel sad for any low-information retards who aren't Shareblue shills and who have gobbled up their fake news bait.


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Judging by the timing of the barrage of low quality shills, I would wager that they are from a lower wage time zone; India or Eastern Europe. I think their business hours are over by now, so it should calm down a bit :-)

How amazing was that campaign in Iraq? No more pulling punches when dealing with ISIS' drug addled scum animals. The Mad Dog Doctrine gave better results in less than half a year than six years of Clinton/Obama waffling about.


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I agree and the key here is to end ISIS so we can save Europe and remove kebab and save Western civilization.

I suspect that's the key reason why President Trump has been repeatedly emphasizing our "good" relationship with our Saudi enemies: because he's always said he wants them to orchestrate and fund the safe zones in Syria so we can make Muslims responsible for Muslims (no matter how savage that is) while removing kebab... and if people complain about Saudi human rights atrocities in Syria, nobody will care or be surprised when animals behave like animals. MAGA.

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Incorrect again.

Both Assad and Putin signed the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty in 2013, Putin was the guarantor because of the Syrian civil war... and neither of them took their obligations seriously!

I agree that President Trump used media spin to claim that Assad used chemical weapons, but the truth seems to be that Assad bombed a terrorist chemical weapons factor or depo...

...however the distinction is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT because the fact is that both Assad and Putin promised to monitor the Syrian borders to prevent chemical weapons or their components from making their way into Syria... but they were "didn't feel like it".

Blowing up an empty airfield was necessary to embarrass Putin and Assad and send a powerful message to every CWC treaty member that violations in battlefields in which our troops are helping to fight ISIS will not be tolerated.

That's what MAGA and America First looks like: a Commander in chief who has zero tolerance of allowing our troops to have their eyes and lungs needlessly burnt out by chlorine gas weapons.

Even if you want a president that is carefree about exposing our troops to chemical weapons, I'm certain that every member of our military loves the fact that President Trump has set a president of zero tolerance of CWC treaty violations... especially now that Secretary Mattis is waging a global war against ISIS.