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LOL I have really drawn out all the ShareBlue shills from their hidey holes. Amazing! Fun to see how easy it is.


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Yes, this is crazy: President Trump said during today's address that he refuses to telecast his troop movements to the enemy... and Shareblue have been claiming that's the same as promising a forever war in Afghanistan.

Refusing to announce troop moments to the world as a fucking campaign promise that President Trump is keeping.

ISIS is a mess that Obama and Hillary created and President Trump and Secretary Mattis are doing awesome work with the clean-up.

I just feel sad for any low-information retards who aren't Shareblue shills and who have gobbled up their fake news bait.


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Judging by the timing of the barrage of low quality shills, I would wager that they are from a lower wage time zone; India or Eastern Europe. I think their business hours are over by now, so it should calm down a bit :-)

How amazing was that campaign in Iraq? No more pulling punches when dealing with ISIS' drug addled scum animals. The Mad Dog Doctrine gave better results in less than half a year than six years of Clinton/Obama waffling about.

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Must be easy being pro military/intelligence agency industrial complex.


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Probably. I wonder what that would be like.