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The only way to be truly anonymous is to boot from a generic Linux distro CD and access the wifi at Starbucks whilst hiding in the dumpster. Make sure to spoof your mac and watch out for used covfefe grinds.


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how'd they track the silk road owner?


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He fucked up and they traced transactions he made to his Apple ID


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NSA and parallel construction.


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Wasn't that the dude who bought a tesla with bitcoin? And the story on the tor forums was that he had registered his domain name to an email address that was something like firstname.lastname@something. It was pretty universally understood at the time that the dude was world class stupid. He used TOR, but left some serious breadcrumbs the likes of which you normally only see on CSI or Criminal Minds. This could all be disinformation, but people who understood the nuts and bolts of tor better than me agreed with the story. All I can find on it now is on Reddit, and I am not linking to that site. There was a sub for TOR, and a seperate one for darknet markets that was dedicated to buying drugs online.