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which left one counterprotester dead and more than 30 injured.

Stop calling them "counter-protestors", ffs. If they were truly there to protest, they would have gone through the same permitting process UTR did when they applied to be able to hold their rally. A group that places themselves with weapons, in the designated marching path of the group they supposedly 'protest', so that their police escort will drive said group directly into them, and then proceeds to enact violence upon said group when said meeting occurs, is not a group of protestors, it is a group of rioters and political intimidators showing the premeditation of their crime beforehand.

You don't get to equivocate yourself to be the same as UTR, just 'counterprotesting', when you're not willing to take the steps UTR was to be able to hold their march. Call a spade a spade...Rioters, not Protestors.


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Stop calling them "counter-protestors", ffs.

Yep. Rioters.