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Normies are so fickle. The commie leftards destroy shit all the time and hoot and holler like savages and fucking block roads, but one lone nazi does something bad while a group of apparent "nazis" get together and now they're somehow turned off from the alt-right.

It's all just so insane to me. This bias and lack of reasoning.


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This bias and lack of reasoning.

You're right and it sucks that the left have the media shilling for them and the right will always be demonized for any little thing.Unfortunately you are dealing with people who are spoon fed what shit the msm is pushing and do little research of their own. I lol'd watching a news report last night that managed to mention the word "nazi" atleast 20 times in their 1 minute intro. They showed Antifa beating people up and tried to pretend that they were the alt right and that the left were there peacefully protesting. Truly sick. Every day more people are waking up but the red pill is more like a slow release capsule that takes time to digest.


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That shit right there is EXACTLY why the MSM needs to keep being outed as fake news. They cannot be trusted anymore. They lie and twist everything to fit the narrative. They're the very definition of disinfo. It's a good thing social media is a thing because their lies can be outted but I still feel that it's not enough. They still have a lot of power, enough to set in the narrative to the normies which is hard to change. They tell people that the car rider was outright looking to run down people, but I've seen video evidence that tells me that he may have felt legitimately threatened by the mob of savages, but it'll still be too late even with proof, because many media outlets have said that this guy meant to do this, so to a lot of people, they won't listen to anything that showed the opposite.

Regardless, I still see it as more of a setback. Leftism has still been losing popularity and they won't be getting that back overnight by pointing out a couple of Nazis marching around the streets.