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The MSM is saying "He grew up in Kentucky and was fascinated with Nazis", and also that he "Had plans to car-bomb a bank in Oklahoma"

  • His growing up in Kentucky will be used to establish "white trash status" (although visit Louisville and you will see all kinds of 'groids)
  • The Nazi and car-bomb plot allegations will be repeated over and over as "established fact", without any evidence presented to corroborate those claims. He's already an "evil nazi white-supremacist terrorist" in the eyes of the public."
  • The jury will be stacked with "diversity" and heavily weighted to ensure maximum white-hate.
  • Witnesses will be brought in to flat out lie under oath to said jury.

This guy's gonna get railroaded. Period.

edit: bomb-plot was a different guy, I suck at reading


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Yeah, bomb guy is pretty much caught red handed since the FBI led him along all the way up to helping him with a (dud) bomb.