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I doubt it. The jury will be highly prejudiced by his political affiliation, and would convict him for that alone.

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Nice one


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Has any proof of his political leanings been released? Before we even knew his name he was being called a white supremacist.


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The MSM is saying "He grew up in Kentucky and was fascinated with Nazis", and also that he "Had plans to car-bomb a bank in Oklahoma"

  • His growing up in Kentucky will be used to establish "white trash status" (although visit Louisville and you will see all kinds of 'groids)
  • The Nazi and car-bomb plot allegations will be repeated over and over as "established fact", without any evidence presented to corroborate those claims. He's already an "evil nazi white-supremacist terrorist" in the eyes of the public."
  • The jury will be stacked with "diversity" and heavily weighted to ensure maximum white-hate.
  • Witnesses will be brought in to flat out lie under oath to said jury.

This guy's gonna get railroaded. Period.

edit: bomb-plot was a different guy, I suck at reading


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Yeah he's a full blown hitler lovin full regalia type from what has come out so far, if any of it can be believed.

If so, no wonder he was scared for his life...