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And for Christ's sake, if you do rally, start waving the American Flag, not the flag of a nation hostile to it, or one that symbolizes separatism and things much worse to a large portion of the country. Show pride in your nation, and the flag that we must demand represent once again.

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I'd say this, even if you do believe in flying the old battle flag. Image is important, as much as it makes me sick to admit it.

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It is. It's a war, but it's one fought on many fronts. One of them is winning over hearts and minds. When we are representing ourselves to the public, we have to present ourselves in a manner that consistently shows dignity, patriotism, integrity, and strength. But above all else, that we are better than them. They wave black flags, U.S.S.R. flags, burn the American flag, we wave the stars and stripes back, proudly. They harass and harangue, we stand dignified. They attack us, we defend ourselves. They are the thugs, we are the citizens.

And yeah, God. If you are going to rally, be smart. Look at who is organizing it and promoting it. Are they representative of us by and large, or are they fringe extremists who are a caricature that feeds into the liberal Press' deepest propaganda dreams. Look at the venue - is it in a liberal stronghold, with a population that is going to be antagonized and seething with resentment for the rally's presence? Just consider that there are groups that are out to vilify and taint the image of those not enmeshed in the cultural marxism indoctrination scheme, and this Charlotte rally was a huge success for them on that front, sadly.

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Image is important, as much as it makes me sick to admit it.

I see your point, but this is simply how humans function. Just think of the advertising and marketing industries.

By 2020, digital ad spending will reach $105.21 billion,

They didn't become large companies by throwing money away. The thoughts and images inserted into "consumers" control them.

Have to confess my disconnect from popular culture makes it difficult to predict the popular response, but there is a perspective that we're still in the "underground growth" phase, and our target market will have the opposite response. We'll need to become a unified movement at some point, but this phase is still playing out.

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Waving the flag of a half-white nation?

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In Canada our flag was replaced by communists in the 60's. This maple leaf bullshit is a fraud

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Waving the flag of our target market. Why do you think advertisers associate their products with popular people, things, and ideas?

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There isn't a better flag for an American to wave. The nation was founded on the ideals of the European enlightenment, has grown into an economic, cultural, military and moral giant, and the flag has represented the ideals which held us together and made us great, and will continue to represent those ideals boldly and beautifully for a long time to come.

As I was saying, we are seeing very clearly who the controlled opposition is here, who the useful idiots are serving as tools of the enemies of our ideals, our culture. Insidious rats uttering racist screeds, while denigrating one of the finest achievements of our people, our nation itself.

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No, please. The stars and stripes have served well for centuries. Let's take pride in them.

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The right controls nearly every state entirely, along with the entire federal government. The American flag is our flag because we won it. No reason to use another flag like the nazi flag or the confederate flag, and anyone flying those flags is a moron or controlled opposition.

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One of my members was trying to be a PR Cuck this was my response, which I hope will serve to disuade anyone else from PR cucking:

You cannot please everyone. Leadership can only make calls based on their own knowledge and experience. If they have an idea >that they think might be successful they have to try it and if it does not succeed they learn from it so they can do better next time.

There will always be failures, it is the cost of experimentation.

I found some of what other groups have done in the past to be abhorrent and childish but we don't have the luxury of time to worry about putting off some potential members because they disagree with jokes on a sticker. If they refuse to join or quit because they fear the way their image or the image of the group will be perceived I don't think they were that committed in the first place.

If we wanted to get a large member base we could invite nonwhites, gays or other degenerates, hell we could just go all out and support Israel to be as kosher as we can be just so we don't tread on peoples sensibilities. We aren't looking for that though, we are looking for intelligent dedicated national socialists that want to change England into the country it should be regardless of what is on our stickers.

His concern was over the use of the "white jihad" and anti homosexuality stickers that other nationalist groups used would ruin our image and put people off. I think the same argument can be made over flags as well.

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There's a definite balancing act between purity and popularity. Image and perception are practically everything, in terms of predicting human behavior. Practically speaking, acquiring followers requires a certain degree of marketing and 'pandering' to their interests.

How much do you modify your core and peripheral ideology when you're not succeeding? Alternatively, how do you 'reframe' or repackage your position in their perceptions? You have to admit, the brand has been heavily damaged, and the competition is spending heavily to maintain that perception. Actual success will need a pretty good plan.

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I agree to the over all theme of what you've written.

We need to keep our movement against the Globalists decentralized.

It's easy for them to take over or criminalize any organization to lead it into the woods and away from our goals. But they don't have the resources to deal with thousands of local groups under different banners, with different names, with different presentations. And that's exactly what we need.

We need to take over local politics first.

Take all the City Council seats, you don't even need a HS diploma to do that.

Take the Mayor seat.

Take all the seats on the Grand Jury.

Take all the Judge and DA positions.

Take all the law enforcement positions.

The crooked local government in Virginia is proof that we cannot go any further with our movement without taking over local politics first. And it doesn't matter if we have to form a thousand different political banners to do this and play wack-a-mole with corrupt government because it takes 5 minutes to create a new group.

The Globalists and Zionists have money and a crony network, but they have very limited people resources.

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Taking over local politics is the most important part. These monuments come down because of who sits on city council.

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This makes sense.

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The local government seats are, in reality, more important than federal positions at this juncture.

If the local government will not comply with federal oppression orders, who are they going to send? US troops that originate from small towns just like the ones they might try to oppress? Given the zeitgeist of the current military, they are unlikely to garner support from the majority of our troops. At last poll, some 80% will be playing for our team.

That makes local government the major hurdle.

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Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.

John Stuart Mill

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Good point

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We have to take it IRL. Memes will only take us so far.

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Only the shittiest of the shit on both sides go to protests. Yelling slogans. Waving signs around. Getting into retarded arguments about whether Trump likes getting peed on. Baked Alaska crying like a baby, playing it up for the cameras because he got maced. Is that what you want to be? You look retarded if you go to this shit. Normies don't see a glorious right charging in to fight the evil left, they see two extremist factions in questionable mental states acting like retards.

This protesting shit is a leftist meme. If you get sucked into it you are playing by their rules on their turf. Protests are a no-logic zone. That's why leftists love them so much, and that's why you will never beat them by protesting. In a no-logic zone, the man with logic is at a disadvantage, and the man who is most emotional triumphs.

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It's a tough game: demos inspire normal people to realize their views are not so isolated, but they do make a huge target for false flags.

Imho: The big issue with the comparison to gurilla warfare: that's actual fighting, where death is the goal. That can be done in secret, and in small bursts. However, the info war is on a different battlefield. Image and solidarity are in the arsenal, and little skirmishes don't have an impact like they do in actual war fighting.

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But what we did see through the leaked emails was the left lamenting that there was not a centralized hub of Trump support on the net. They had to hire thousands of shills to try to cover the various media outlets, and it was not enough.

It is a lot harder to put out countless small fires than to extinguish a larger, but centralized, blaze.

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Our flags represent the government and the state. I like the identitarian flags because they represent the real people of an ethnic nation. So what if it alienates normies? They'll join us soon enough. The fire is rising, after all.

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Do they run around criticizing each other for flying the hammer and sickle? No.

This is an old war, and we need to respect those that have been fighting it before us.

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We are doing flash protests since the 90's , organize them locally while keeping them small and do not forget to take photos . 100 protests of 30 people all around the country that last for 20' have way more impact than a 6 hour standoff between big crowds . Lots of photos from different places can be pushed in the media and create the image of a massive wave .

Also not confronting or not even talking to opposition is a nice touch of mystery that provokes insecurity .

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also control who shows up. Small groups of intelligent well dressed non violent people that the masses will sympathise with. No swastikas or confederate flags... Fuck that makes us look bad.

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No, it doesn't make us look bad. Don't tell me not to fly the flags of our ancestors. You're buying into guilt being sold by merchants.

If people don't appreciate at least the symbolism of flying a flag that irritates the people taking your free speech away, I won't risk my life with you by my side.

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We must return to our patriotic roots to fight the new enemy! The warfare has evolved, and so should we. The tactics have evolved, and so should we. The best way to defeat the enemy is to hide in plain sight, and preemptively strike at the right moment. If they can no longer predict our every move, then we'll have the upper hand. If they can no longer use what we say or do against us, we'll have the upper hand. And if they try to masquerade as one of us, we'll have to be vigilant. This particular honeypot protest was a setup. And you're right. Just as centralized government power isn't perpetual, so are organized efforts.

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