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Yes and too many of the right are playing the filthy quisling card. Gateway pundit is fucked to bits. They had a string of stories about the racists and supremacists march. - No civil rights for whites - and one of the organizers was blacknotnigger. But they don't know that. It's just white to them, so it's wrong.

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Which is why we need to characterize Zionists as Nazis.

Kill the Nazi card by forcing the association with Israel.

Israel is, by definition, a Nationalist Socialist Nazi country.

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Israel is a rational, homogeneous ethno-state.

It's far better to restore the US to a rational, homogeneous ethno-state as well.

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Yes. But Israel has to pay a price for using our military to fight their wars and their attack on US citizens on 9/11/2001.

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When was the last time you heard a leading liberal politician come forward with an actual policy plan for America? I can't remember back that far. It's all, attack whites, call them Nazis and racists and anti-Semites and bigots and anything else you think will press the buttons of clueless Americans and illegals.

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If there's any doubt about who is controlled opposition, the Charlotte event should have laid it to rest.

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And they say whites don't have the equivalent of "The N Word".

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Harsh Bill, at least let them try #OneMoreShekel before you declare them dead.

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Everything the left has called us, we've become!!! Time to become NAZIs fellas!!!

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Compare your opponent to Hitler. This is your heavy artillery when your opponent is right, and your are spectacularly in the wrong". - Podesta D'Molesta


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And the Nazi's were so bad??

Problem with that tactic is that the more you push the button, the less effective it becomes, until the subject is totally numb to the stimulus. Once they've been numbed to the term Nazi, then we can call ourselves that and the stimulus will have no effect on them and we are free from their bullshit.

Embrace the term NAZI. Overuse it so the left becomes numb to it.

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Russiagate is still alive and well

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