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You know that the FBI , CIA , etc ,. all those alphabet depts of the fed , infiltrated on both sides. They have done it in the 60's and they have never stopped . Remember , it's legal for the U.S. Fed to propagandize it's citizens with fake , fabricated news ,to switch the narrative and socially manage the perception of the below average American citizen .They will go too far one day , and literally all hell is going to break loose. WE won't sit on our ass and take it. Wait until the food riots start. Hungry people get motivated real quick.

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No, hungry people get desperate and turn in their neighbors for extra rations. Just like in North Korea.

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In the beginnings of Occupy Wall Street, I remember hearing countless stories about FBI agents asking to sit in on meetings in private residences "for their protection." Those that refused found that their neighbors would start getting suspiciously lengthy deliveries from various vans.

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Yeah FBI agents and police were also guilty of using false flag incidences to shut down entire camps. They would dress as protestors and act as drug dealers selling dope to the people in the camp. Later acting on a "secret tip" agents would raid the site, arrest the people with the drugs and then tell everyone else to leave as they then had control of the camp.

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Occupy was an example of leftism that was actuallly helpful. The adbuster campaigns were funny and interesting.

As a right man, if forced to self label, it sometimes seems like all leftism is inherently bad.

I try to remember it's all these agents sent by those in power to keep us divided that only makes it seem that way.

Both right and left, to the degree those labels even mean something, have their merits. People are inherently good. It is the paid infiltrators and agitators that sometimes make us forget the truth.

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Terrible video. People coughing up a lung and doing the dishes in the background.

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They plan for events like this.

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Never Ever Forget - Red squad

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This whole situation is getting fishier by the hour. Where are the videos?

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Thats what im saying havnt seen many but in every video half the crowd is holding cameras?

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I'm not sure if this applies here (quite frankly I don't even know who's protesting what), but there's definitely a phenomenon of people capturing video, but not posting it because it might make their people look bad, or even incriminate them. I'd imagine this has compounded somewhat since Professor Bikelock got doxed.

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This is why you must take over the city council and mayor positions.

The city council and/or mayor control the police chief. Meaning they can get rid of corrupt cops or hire them.

Right now Virginia has a banker for a Governor.

The mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer, is Jewish.

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i find it impossible to believe most cops would support antifa. majority of law enforcement is prior or current military.. no way theyd support blue haired lib retards

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They did the very same thing to Tommy Robbinson. He called the Police on it, he knew what they were doing when they tried to heard his group closer to the Antifa(ggots). It's to start a brush up so they can take lots of photos and claim Nationalist are violent.

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You're looking at this from one angle, and you're partly right, but consider a simpler explanation: more conflict means more funding for the department.

Antifa is there to make nationalists look violent, cops are there because they have to be, bad cops are there to insure the violence, and infiltrators on all sides are there to make sure the fights make headlines for their particular group's benefit.

Its a clusterfuck of different agendas.

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these cops seem like they might have a 🍕 connection

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It just takes one or two bad cops leaking info to the agent provocateurs within both sides of the protests to insure conflict happens. All these clashes are strait-up coordinated from the top down, and all groups involved have been infiltrated.

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Are you serious? Did you not see the cops in Berkeley? You live under a rock?

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Got a great discount at party city on Tiki Torches.

Unite the Frugal Consumer Right.

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I must admit the Made in China tiki torches pisses me off bad... Go get a damn branch from a fruit or nut tree {it denser wood and will burn longer}, wrap it with some fucking rags, and dip it in oil or lard, set match to it and you're set for hours.....

But no let China get more of our hard earned revenue you fucking retards..........

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Real torches are illegal. Hence the tiki torches.

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One World Company Town

Wash DC Military

Londonistan Finance

Vatican Religion

India Customer Service

China Manufacturing

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Richard Spencer is just controlled opposition. spencergate.wordpress.com

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hey, Richard. Just say who's behind it all, or you are not to be trusted.

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I don't doubt for one second that cops collude with the provocateur agents, but Richard Spencer is not a source I will ever trust without secondary confirmation.

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