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SJW freaks have no idea how isolated they really are. The rest of the world is disgusted with you, you diseased filth. The world isn't Tumblr you vermin.

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President Trump now has majority support in the country. Americans are sick and tired of the Stalinists on the left. The Democrats and media don't want Trump supporters (most Americans) to know that they're the majority, so they'll continue to lie to their left wing drones and push fake news through the media.

Too bad for them the conditioning is being broken and Americans are waking up.

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This. It's an illusion.

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We really need to take control of our media away from these liberal fascists. Until we do they are always going to have the upper hand with their leftist propaganda.

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Vital pre-face, I despise marxists and lefties.

https://youtu.be/U2G9MR1n7Es?t=134 Illustrates trumps relationship with jews, trumps children married/dating jews, israel and so on.

https://youtu.be/2t8rtIe1Mtk Trumps words on passover.




TL;DR? Jews control the banks, the media, the governments, from top to bottom. Jews want whites to fight against each other rather than against the jews. That is their goal. Get whites to slaughter each other. They created WW1, WW2, and likely the overwhelming majority of wars before and after.

If you are worried about the future of the USA, it is to look to the jew first and no further.

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Haha, imagine how they would freak if they were capable of understanding how useful they are to everything they hate...

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"a.aa.I cant be a useful idot I am a wymyn and wymynz are totaly steonk and funny"

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SJW freaks have no idea how isolated they really are.

But, but, but the latest polling from the globalist Jew fake news media clearly shows that President Trump has a -20% approval rating... and 2,500 of CNN's nameless, faceless, fictional expert sources within the White House all claim that President Trump wants to kick my dog. The evidence is overwhelming!!!01000110101onezeroone!

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They don't realize that the propoganda, twitter bots, and astroturfing that they accept because it's "our team" is a weapon that is being used against them, to keep them in line and dissuade them from asking questions or changing teams.

It is not a weapon against the people on the other team and it is not some kind of political evangelism effort that saves the souls of Americans by making them born-again leftists

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Holy fuck that ending

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"I'm literally shaking right now"

Oh, this critter has no idea what's coming. Really have to thank those folks for the incredible support they've provided... Without the SJWs, the cucks, the crazy lefties, the violent antifa, and the monkeys from africa, none of this would have been possible. (also wouldn't have been necessary in the first place...)

Lol at that ending. One quibble: Helicopters are actually pretty expensive to operate. Not sure that's the cost-effective approach. Do love the meme though.

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Isn't it funny how they're always "literally shaking right now." It's like one takes it as a given and it'd be more appropriate for these little Bolsheviks to note if/when when they actually have a handle on their shit, rather than their normal state of perpetual attention seeking outrage.

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"My father would spin in his grave like a dreidel"


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My father would burn hotly in his oven right now.

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they need to come up with a new chant, that ones really getting old.

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Soros missed to pay the author jew, so they stuck with this one.

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Their delusions will be their downfall. Reality always wins, whether you agree with it or not.

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They're far too accustomed to Obama's and Marxist SJW Media blue pills. This was his first taste of the red and white pills. He looks and sounds gay so he should be good at swallowing.

When fascism came back, forty people came against hundreds

That's called making America great again. And if you think more about it, know that this is all in response to your own insanity, cuck.

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what's even so bad about fascism in the first place? don't some of these faggot want communism?

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This makes me feel so warm inside. I have hope again. We need more of these across the country. If there's one a little closer than this I'll be there for sure.

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This has been the biggest white pill in 30 years. I think the Saxon is finding his hate.

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IKR? I could feel the pride welling up inside me as I saw all those torches. Not seeing any here on the left coast anytime soon, but by god, we're going to take back our country no matter what.

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It almost brought a tear to my eye.

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If you don't mind Milo, there should be some big boisterous rallies around Berkeley this year.

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I know I want one on the west coast so I can go to it.

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That guy is an engineering student?

You'd think he'd understand "For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction."

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Yeah, but all of his Engineering Professors look like this!

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Social engineering.

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The march tomorrow should be interesting. Im so glad they've united. The commies have gone too far and must be stopped.

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You misspelled "Jewish Pigs"

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Going to be interesting tomorrow. I cant sleep.

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he spelled commies correctly

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Probably sitting at home cranking the dialation to 11.

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Torchlight March looks cool

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Funny I thought they were all frustrated they didn't get Jeb! as president. I might be out the loop, but I don't actually know why this march even started. It's about the statue and history erasing right, just guessing?

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