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Some of the support team were foreign internationals from Pakistan, and many there are very anti-American. Many are wondering why they would have access. Some were not even showing up to the house where they “ran their Purported IT support,” Imran was at the democratic national committee as well. Several democrat members of congress wrote to the appropriations committee for more funding so they could expedite security clearances for some of their members, so the awan brothers would have been some of those people. It seems odd for Debbie to keep someone on the payroll when it is clear they are implicated in a criminal investigation. They had smashed hard drives so it reeks of actions both Hillary and Huma were also involved in where it appeared they were trying to prevent authorities from finding information on their phones. The people being paid were doing other jobs yet receiving 160,000 and you don’t get that kind of money for an IT job. FBI bank records show Awan wired 283,000 to Pakistan. If Republicans had conducted themselves in this manner there would be utter outrage!


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As long as the Jews get to pad their bank accounts they couldn't care less what the fuck where everything is coming from.


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Jews are the cancer of the West.