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Our founding fathers lived in a day when faggotry was a criminal offense, you niggerfaggot.


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Seriously, the leftards cannot even distinguish between having the privilege to voluntarily serve in the armed forces being reserved for normal mentally cohesive people, and throwing gays off a roof for being gay.

If I were serving in combat, I would not want a tranny anywhere near me or my unit. Under not one fucking circumstance could I imagine changing my mind on that, ever.


[–] kestrel9 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

They distinguish just fine. Post Modern Marxist Soros funded ShareBlue shill spreading BlueVomit. We must not let Globalist PedoCommunism win.


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The way gay democrats have acted lately it seems like they actually prefer being thrown off of roofs.


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What about using the colorful tranny as a decoy to divert muslim fire from real soldiers? We could even dress them in rainbow colored "camo" ot feathers! LoL!