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This is what the downfall of greatness sounds like. Our Founding Fathers would weep if they discovered the hatred and disarray Trump has brought to our once-great nation. This is why I work tirelessly to get Trump impeached, and to show the world how despicable Trump supporters such as yourself are. This is the first step to having your liberties taken away, and you don't even know it.

We must not let fascism win. Donald Trump's impeachment will be coming soon.

EDIT: Keaton's homophobia is a perfect example on why bigots like Donald Trump can thrive in today's society.


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Our founding fathers lived in a day when faggotry was a criminal offense, you niggerfaggot.


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Seriously, the leftards cannot even distinguish between having the privilege to voluntarily serve in the armed forces being reserved for normal mentally cohesive people, and throwing gays off a roof for being gay.

If I were serving in combat, I would not want a tranny anywhere near me or my unit. Under not one fucking circumstance could I imagine changing my mind on that, ever.


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Your comment may be the gayest thing I've ever read.


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Even worse! It's the TRANNIEST thing!!

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[–] 9961987? 1 points 19 points (+20|-1) ago 

As an outsider, there's literally nothing wrong with what he just did. The military is not a place for people more concerned with their own narcissistic needs than for their fellow soldiers.


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Do you even consider the logistics involved in any of this? Army issue dildos to hold open gaping wounds(aka that inverted penis they try to pass as a vagina). Army issue sanitary kits for cleaning jungle juice out of gaping wounds. It's absolute lunacy to cater to this mental illness, and yes it is a mental illness. Gender dysphoria

Edit: Here you go in case you don't understand. NSFL Now can you see why having that in a fox hole might not be the best thing? Sorry sarge I can't go on patrol, I have to dig hair out of my boi pussy..


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That's probably the best argument I've found against anything trans. When every cell in your body thinks your fake pussy is an open wound and not a sexual organ, you have done something terribly wrong to yourself.