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I am thinking that maybe the pollsters aren't so honest, after all. I seem to remember all of them predicting Hillary to win by a landslide. For some reason, that didn't happen.


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Hey, @the_magic_man, don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

You've been wrong about everything since well before the election and America is booming!

  • We're experiencing an endless string of employment rated which exceed even ambitious expectations;

  • Our military is being restored and our troops are getting the equipment they need;

  • ISIS is on the run and their leader is dead;

  • We are now on the path to energy independence and becoming a major energy exporter;

  • President Trump has ceased Obama's funding for the Syrian rebel terrorists a.k.a ISIS;

  • Our veterans are enjoying same-day mental healthcare, applications are being processed and surgery is being performed within hours;

  • Drug cartels are being removed from the streets in record numbers and illegal Mexican border crossings is down over 75%;

  • Neil Gorsuch has been installed as the new Supreme Court Justice... and he is made from pure awesome!

  • We have a travel ban from Islamic terrorist breeding grounds / terrorist states;

  • President Trump has removed the Obamacare fines and is in the process of ending the Obamacare nightmare;

  • Repeated FBI Investigations into Donald Trump have uncovered NOTHING except he is as pure as the freshly driven snow!

These are just a few of my favorites off the top of my head... and the best is yet to come: massive infrastructure renewal, the biggest tax cuts and tax reforms in US history and the wall!

And President Trump is only 6% through his two terms!

Everyday of the Trump administration has been like Christmas... even if you are screaming and crying like a little bitch about Hillary Clinton's imaginary Russian conspiracies!




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But he still beats Hillary.


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'modern polling'

Just means globalists/deep state are trying to push a narrative.

See the 2016 election for reference.

They haven't changed their polling methodology since November, I guarantee it.


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2016 polling had trump losing the popular vote by 2 or 3%. That was accurate


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uhh. The night before the election I saw clinton with a >90% chance of winning, and we know how that went, so maybe take your 20/20 hindsight vision somewhere else.

edit: Also, go look up 'oversampling' and how to get an accurate representation of the population (including geography), and tell me that they have addressed those problems (they haven't, a few months ago I looked into the opinion poll on trump, and both problems were still front and center).


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Say, why is it that I never get polled on this?


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https://archive.is/SOcyQ | :

Polls Show Trump, the Least Popular President Ever, Is Plunging Even Lower

'The latest polls of his approval rating have pretty much uniformly brought bad news for the president. '

'Overall, Trump just completed his first six months in office and he completed that half-year sporting the worst approval rating for any president in the history of modern polling. ', "Things aren't looking up for President Donald Trump.", "Even Trump's favorite poll, Rasmussen Reports—which is often criticized for being right-leaning—found the president's approval rating had tied his all-time-low in a survey this week."

'And the American people seem to be tired of the constant whirlwind of controversy that Trump has created. '

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