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I feel very fortunate to have seen Paris in 1999..

I know I will never be able to go back, in my lifetime.

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I just finished chatting with a friend of mine who lives in Paris. I mentioned there was video of Congolese rioting and he said, "when was is taken? They're always rioting now."

Parts of Paris are complete no-go zones at this point and even the "safe" tourist areas aren't safe anymore.a

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Wish I saw it before: think it's too late now.

What areas in Europe don't have (or won't soon have) this problem? Poland maybe? Any others?

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Portugal and much of Spain are still in relatively good shape and a strong dollar helps a lot.

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in Congo their Gov would shoot rioters

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The government of Congo is much more sensible than I imagined.

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No, they don't. Congoese niggers recently looted the Chinatown in Kinshasa and the police did almost nothing to protect the Chinese business owners. Congoese generally do not respect the productive, the hard working, or the civilized. Instead, they only envy the Chinese because they are too stupid to understand why the Chinese are more wealthy than the Congoese.

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This issue need to be addressed. UN should add right to bear arms to list of human rights.

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Is it a refugee problem or did all the animals break out of the zoo? That's the only situation I can think of to give that kind of advice.

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The choices have difference without distinction

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Gives me hope I will see racial egalitarianism fall apart in my lifetime, like communism did.

Maybe when that happens I will be around to help out with hanging politicians.

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Judging by the comments on normie news sites, I think the concept of anti-racism is dead.

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This is actually kind of interesting to watch. There's this hypothesis I've been thinking about, how black people are naturally more inclined to hang out outside together as a group instead of doing whatever whites/asians do. They always hang out as large groups outside in their ghettos, no matter where, or what country. This behavior makes them do the same in the EU like Paris. But there are different "tribes" that are completely foreign being shoved into very small areas. And due to the need to hang out outside, they always run into each other and clash. The can't get along with each other on a fucking genetic level. This is their nature, their normal state. It's the equivalent of putting a tiger into your house and assuming that if you "educate" it enough, it'll act just like a loyal dog. This video is the end result of that experiment.

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One poor fellow learned the hard way that tear gas canisters are hot.

GF's parents were scheduled to go on a Paris vacation this summer but wisely switched it to a fall cruise*.

*My idea of purgatory - but it's their vacation.

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Seriously, how do you get immediate accurate intel on what's/where's safe? No one there talks about it publicly.

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This reminds me less of immigrants and more of an invading army.

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Don't remain indoors, go out and smash some skulls.

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