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In case anyone did not understand, Poland doesn't let refugees in, Poland does not have Islamic terrorist attacks.

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That's what the article said, but I don't see the connection. I feel like there should be one, but I'm missing it. Does it have something to do with racists?

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The author is basically saying that Poland is stupid for believing that if they let in immigrants that they will be plagued by terrorism when they haven't experienced a single Islamic terrorist attack. The statement itself is incredibly moronic.

The author doesn't seem to grasp the connection there. No refugees = no Islamic terrorism.

Poland has been invaded and subjugated time and time again throughout history, and the people do not want their heritage and their way of life erased by foreigners who will not assimilate, and who will not become Poles. That's not racist at all, to want your country to remain your country. They've seen the disasters of "multiculturalism", and they simply do not want it.

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They have no experience with immigrants nor terrorism. So, it's ironic that they don't want immigrants because of terrorism. Cause what would they know? Or something like that

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MENAP gimmegrants/rapefugees = terror. No MENAP gimmegrants/rapefugees = no terror.

That's what he said.

What he thought he said, was something that supports MENAP multikult. As if a such argument exists. What an idiot.

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How can you not get that? You don't have to smoke to know it's unhealthy.

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Same rules apply everywhere, look at Asia, Phillipines has a muslim population, japan doesn't really have (a significant) population.

Which one is having issues with caliphate attempts?

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Islam entered the Philippines in like the the 14th century though.

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cause and effect

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Yes, but for the MSM this is too hard to understand.

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Anyone notice there aren't really Pollack jokes anymore? Over the last generation multiple other countries have passed Poland as the laughing stock of Europe.

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The laughing stock of Europe is the EU now (minus 4 visigrad countries).

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Future Europe: http://imgur.com/m0HWs4G

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The thing about white people is they like to improve their lot and build their own infrastructure. Just as everywhere Africans go becomes Africa, so too everywhere Europeans go becomes Europe.

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They actually did take in about 1 million Ukrainian refugees a while ago. Things went well with that.

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Without Polish nobody there can (will) understand you.

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Funnily enough, Poland has big immigration numbers to western Europe countries. It's not all roses in poland

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Sure. The Pols migrate to other European countries mostly for economic reasons. However, they assimilate. Poland may not offer young people economic opportunities they can get elsewhere for now. I think Poland will turn that around soon.

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I read all of that to make sure I got the full contextual blast of retardedness, but holy crap did that unfold in a manner that not even the pic at the bottom could prepare me for.

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For a guy that makes a living using words, someobe should point him to correlation and causation.

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Sadly, you can't argue with a post-modernist. Everything is a social construct.

Even the words we use, so it's all meaningless. Only their feelings matter, which could also be a social construct. Fucking Nihilism, man. Gotta wait around until they kill themselves.

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problem is they want to take you with them over the cliff into the abyss.

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Unbelievable how these tards think. Or not to be more accurate. Fuck the jew york times. This guy will hopefully be unemployed soon.

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They know that half of what they write does not stand up to rigorous scrutiny. They just want to fool most of their readership who lack critical thinking skills.

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Doubtful. He's doing G-d (YWH)'s work, after all, goy.

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What kind of faggot doesn't spell out God? A hebe is my guess. Are you even allowed on the Internet? Go trim your curly queues buffalo hunter.

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"The Butterfield Effect", used to refer to a person who "makes a statement that is ludicrous on its face, yet it reveals what the speaker truly believes", especially if expressing a supposed paradox when a causal relationship should be obvious. The particular article that sparked this was titled "More Inmates, Despite Drop In Crime"

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Kind of reminds me of when liberals cite the disproportionate ratio of minorities in prison compared to their general population without realizing it's because they commit more crime. I had one dindu tell me it was only because THEY GET CAUGHT more. Well they do get caught more, again, because they commit more crime.

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