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Take it a step further than that, almost all information given to you is propaganda. As a basic concept, Information has value. If you find someone giving away information you need to ask yourself why they're doing it and what's in it for them, doesn't matter if it's the website of a newspaper or someone you met on voat. Question EVERYTHING!

Why am I saying this? I'm sick of seeing the world nudged and steered by professional liars (propagandists, politicians, pigs), so I'm on a mission for actual facts. Truth for the win, regardless of what it does to anyone's partisan narrative.


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I'm on a mission for actual facts.

I love hearing this. There was a time when I had hoped v/politics would continue heading in this direction, but now I am not so sure.

Truth for the win, regardless of what it does to anyone's partisan narrative.

Even better. The biggest problem (I see) is that building an organic just the news site without opinion and biased spin doesn't win eyeballs.


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Yes, it is insane. I live in Canada, in a small town, where little of this social destruction has reached the progress of regular life; but I look on askance, and I know there is no protection to be had when the insanity arrives here. The image that comes to my mind is of some film I saw, where large fish herd small fish into a ball and then dive through it eating.

And that's what's behind it; it's biology, writ in the human mind. Bigger fish (nastier humans) eat smaller fish (nicer humans); don't look for anything different. It's just that humans have creative reasoning to drive their rapaciousness, and the people who don't subscribe to that merciless philosophy are sitting ducks.

A book written years ago by a man named Scott Peck, "People Of The Lie", discussed this at some length. His idea was that because most of us in the West are trained in kindness, polite behaviour, and empathy for our fellow man, then when we come in contact with a force that is truly evil, we not only have no defense, we are not equipped with mental tools to even PERCEIVE what is in the offing. How many herring, as they form into their balls for the convenience of killer whales, how many of them know what's going on really?

My fear is that I am in such a 'ball-forming' process now, and I don't even know how to recognise it, never mind escape.