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Media trust is dropping like a stone. CNN ratings are behind reruns of 2 decade old shows. Their audience is aging and dying, being replaced by people who don't have (or never had) cable subscriptions. Fact is, it IS changing. They're dying. This is a meme war, not a meme battle.

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This. The media has been repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot. At the rate things are going, nothing will need to change to erode the MSM's influence. It's to a point where the Internet may already be the main front. It certainly is as far as the long term goes.

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Wait till Democrats try and Impeach Trump saying he cheated on his wife and lied about it...

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CNN is getting beat out by reruns of Sanford & Son so people are awake to this bullshit.

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Hey now, that show is pretty funny.

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I dont think you understand what the 1st amendment means. You sound like a triggered trump cuck

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If they are proven, nothing is stopping you from lawyering up yourself. If they are so proven, and your cause novle, surely someone can spare some pro vono work for you.

I am not trolling, I am being serious. Being a keyboard warrior gets you nowhere and just makes you angry.

I volunteer for a youth computer coding initiative because the schools here aren't teaching that, and I work with habitat for humanity.

Stop complaining and DO.

Personally, I think you need to remove the tinfoil hat, but my point still stands, go do it.

Can you give some spcifics? Because I am not aware of any thing that should be reported on, and I read news from all sides.

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The end justifies the means.

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infowars needs to offer money for photobombing MSM, again. This time let people ask about the DNC lawsuit everyone is keeping quiet about.

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