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Memory resides in Spirit, which is the water of life, the 13 petalled flower of the spirit, radiating from the 4 corners of time, a circle. Spirit is eternal and the form of creation is love. The flower of life, fleur-de-lis, is the river of life, is the tree of life, which it's roots in infinity, so it's roots are in infinity, then the unicorn is found in the mud.

The two knights are played against one another and feature on the original seal of the Knights Templar. This is the game of chess humanity is subjected to in a state of duality.


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And this is what's known as "Doing a David Icke". Taking the thread down a crazy route (e.g. It wasn't jews, it's REPTILIANS!) in order to push people away.


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Eh yeah, we are multidimensional beings