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The prophet of islam had sex with animals, was a warmonger, a child molester, he married a 6 year old, his cousin was also his wife, had slaves raped looted burned villages, he had sex with his dead aunt, he was a violent depraved madman and islam considers him the "perfect man" and the idiots call the Koran or Quran the perfect book. The moslems never question their history, they never question their own religious texts, their prophet a depraved madman and his deception violence and madness also described in the sunnah, hadith, bukhari books.


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I wonder if at the time people realized he was fucked up, but they rolled with it because the alternative was getting raped and killed (or reverse order). And descendants failed to pick up on the obvious craziness and just went full retard like their prophet because they thought it was normal.


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... and 11 fuckwits gave this moron an uptick for believing the hadith.

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