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[–] chaos63 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago 

I'm conflicted about this kind of stuff. I find the assumption that men cannot be trusted around children and will rape anything that moves to be SJW madness, here is where the bastards screw us though. If we can't trust gay men with boys then surely we can't trust straight men with little girls can we? Next step assume all men are rapists and children are safer with their mothers even though the stats show women carry more child abuse by far than men. At the same time, I find the idea of children being raised in a gay environment however well could be a big part of shaping their preception of how they should behave sexually and who they are really attracted to. but this doesn't just apply to gays coz we also have stories of straight parents who decide to treat their kids as gay/trans/whatever to the exent kids feel they are disappointing them by coming out as straight.


[–] BigDaddy69 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

If we can't trust gay men with boys then surely we can't trust straight men with little girls can we?

Many pedophiles abuse children regardless of the child's gender, so you can't trust "striaght" men with little boys either. It's a paraphilla, not a sexuality.


[–] chaos63 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

I'm with you, about the tiny number of men who abuse kids and should be killed very slowly and very painfully. My problem is that shit then gets used to cast all men in a bad light. Once you're in divorce court, a woman hints at anything inappropriate and you lose your kids because all men are rapists. A lot of men only took the red pill after losing their children and realising how biased the system is against them. How do we stop stuff like this leading to the dangerous idea that you can't trust any men that has ruined so many men's lives and makes an accusation as good as a conviction in the court of public opinion.


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I's just a self fulfilling prophecy.

Since legitimate men have been scared away from interacting with kids, the only ones left are the ones with nefarious intents. Which further fuels the stigma of men and kids; and thus weeds out more and more good men.


[–] chaos63 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

There was an experiment in England where they had child actors pretend to be lost and crying in a shopping mall and out of hundred of men, none helped them. They went to look for mall cops and told them there were lost looking kids but they never approached or talked to the children. When asked, they all said they were afraid of being taken as pedophiles. What is sad is way more children are lost than kidnapped and almost none are kidnapped by strangers but thanks to stranger danger, it is safer to let the kids stay lost than find yourself in jail for trying to help.

I even saw an australian article where the cops were looking for a man who stopped a crying child and asked what was wrong. She ran home and the police put out a search for him. The suspect was still at large. suspected of asking of a crying child is okay? This shit is ridiculous, there are parks you aren't allowed to go without a child in tow, schools that don't let parents come to sports days etc. And all the while the actual pedos get free reign, this went down whilst a muslim gang was grooming and prostituting underage girls and powerful media and politics people were abusing kids unquestioned.


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I thought that the main issue was whether two males could parent a child without depriving them of something essential.


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That's my train of thought. It'd probably be worse with two lesbians, in all honesty.


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I'd suggest reading over that "LGBT Red Pill" post if you haven't already. But for starters, homosexual people just tend to have more mental disorders, less exclusive relationships, and higher rates of child abuse. So by those facts alone, it's a more dangerous environment for the child.

I also think that the child needs a MOTHER and father, even if they are not the child's by birth. Each one plays crucial, separate rules in the proper raising of a child.

I will admit; two years ago, I would have been indifferent to a gay couple of EITHER gender (I still believed there were two back then, as I do today) could at least do a passable job raising a child. But the statistics regarding both homosexuality, and motherless/fatherless households, tell a different story.