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Big fucking surprise there. Trump can not stay on message and consistent about what color the sky is; I very much doubt he is going to push back against anything other than the back of his desk chair.


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https://archive.is/SAm4G | :

Why Is Donald Trump Enabling Russian Espionage in America? | Observer

'That gives the FBI and other American counterspies time to prepare to monitor illegal Russian espionage activities in our country. '

'Until the Trump administration gets serious about Russian espionage, their refusal to do so will raise awkward questions. '

'This is a touchy matter because Russian “diplomats” have become increasingly aggressive in their espionage in America. '

'The State Department needs to worry less about what Russian spies might do in their country—and more about what they’re doing in ours. '

'Russian spies have been observed roaming across America at will, without any pushback from State, which is supposed to supervise their activities and punish violations. '

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