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I love having a troll president


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Okay, but he still has yet to prosecute Bill Clinton's wife. She committed high treason, multiple murders, engaged in corruption to a ludicrous degree, and mishandled state secrets. Why does Trump still allow her to waddle free?

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Turtle and the Hare. We have at least 3 1/2 years to go (sorry Dums you're not going to impeach him) and I'm willing to wait until a trustworthy DOJ and FBI are functioning. Also, they can only spin their faulty arguments against why she isn't guilty for so long until more and more people realize the truth. Besides, she's been neutered, as has the Wicked Bitch of the West Pelosi, and the timing is important.


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He's playing a chess match... give it time and I bet we see it. With the media giving misinformation and direction to the public to try to stay ahead of his moves he has to play it the right way for it to stick.


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I can think of a lot of reasons, none particularly worthy, more like excuses, but I think the main one is he risks losing all political support from Republican politicians (who don't really like him, but at least he's kinda on their side).

1.) Prosecuting political rivals, even if they might deserve it, makes us look like a corrupt 3rd world nation.

2.) All the evidence was destroyed, the FBI purposely fucked up the investigation, so now it's not a slam dunk case anymore.

3.) Clinton & Co. hatched the Russia conspiracy to cover her ass. As long as the Russia conspiracy hangs around, him prosecuting her would look like a Russian-backed coup, and could cause serious violence and unrest.

So I think at the very least he'll wait until the Russia thing is over. Probably when they arrest and prosecute leakers, have more leverage on Comey and Clinton's co-conspirators, etc. Or he could just say "she's been through enough" and leave her alone, but since she will never let go and will never stop trying to claw her way back into power, and since Trump is unpredictable, maybe he really will send her to jail someday. I sure hope so.


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I would love it if he dropped an occasional "U mad bro?" on some of these clowns.


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I wish he tweeted these things alongside memes. Pull an RC Cola-level shitpost