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why didn't they stop them?

Because Republicans wanted every edge to win in November, legitimate or not.

see the briefings given to the congressional leaders end of last summer.

McConnell didn't want to do anything about it. Said it would be met with charges of trying to rig the election.

and there were many other instances of reporting on the russians throughout the election year.


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Big name republicans were saying Trump was a bigot who would never be president you dumb ass.


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Obama said it was impossible before the election. After the election Clinton and media said Russia is to blame for Hillary losing because a private company CrowdStrike, a Clinton Donator, said Russia did. Then Russia, supposedly, passed what they found in the communications of those emails (illegal activities) to wikileaks and they(DWS/DNC) also blocked the FBI from investigating how Russia got inside the DNC!

Podesta clicked a phising link and blamed it on his IT staffer.

Get a grip, its over, no one believes it except the unstable people that should of been admitted into mental hospitals.


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Is your username a 40k reference?


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National Propaganda Radio