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...their fifth raise in as many years as California’s budget picture continues to improve.

With the train wreck that is California government looking only at current year deficit and not long term unfunded liabilities is disingenuous. The voters have been had.

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And they just approved the new gas tax too. funny how that worked out. Just plain odd.

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This is why I left Cali a decade ago. Fuck my home state.

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They know the ship is going down so they're going to keep looting as long as there are enough idiots buying worthless state bonds and floating their debt.

I just hope the ponzi scheme keeps rolling for another couple of years so I can get out before things really crash and they stop sending out checks to all the current and retired state workers and the indigents. Because once those stop things are going to start catching fire for real.

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to be fair, 100k is like lower class in cali and 200k is lower-middle-class

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Well to be honest they're really just keeping up with inflation. 3% a year sounds about right in keeping the same pay every year. Sure it's not fair to everyone else, but it doesn't sound as malicious as it's made to be.

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When I read Gov Moonbeam, I thought it was about the Minnesota governor who is trying to use a line item veto to remove all funding for the legislature.

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So, they're getting raises, while their proposed single payer health "plan" is going to cost
twice the current ENTIRE STATE BUDGET...
Yeah, they deserve pay raises all right. /s
Wall 'em off, and let them die out.
The rest of the U.S. doesn't need their crap.