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She should have done the interview naked. Might have helped.

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I don't know, alex getting heavier over the years, but to each their own i guess!

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It's all that Caveman Bone Broth he's been taking

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Crazies usually are.

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Wow that site is incredibly overloaded with bloat, do yourself a favor and don't click.

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less bloated version, just for you... https://archive.is/el6BM

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Why I always read comments on voat before i click the link. Thanks goat.

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Not only that but they're maintaining that Jones doesn't believe Sandy Hook happened at all. I don't watch the guy, but I thought the entire point about kerfuffle was that he does not say that.

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I don't watch either show, but this news makes me happy.

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I literally did not listen to single second of his show until I heard about Megyn's flop, now I open another tab at work and listen with my headphones. I love it, not only is it stuff I want to hear, but they are low budget'ed enough they can't screen their callers, and it's funny when some drunk guy calls sounding like Walter from the "The Dude": [Those rich fucks! This whole fucking thing... I did not watch my buddies die face down in the muck so that this fucking strumpet...]

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professional journalist outwitted by a paranoid water filter salesman

yup this is just always going to be funny

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Megan Kellys only real use is a cum dumpster.

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Yeah but only if you can't hear her voice or see her face.

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Eh I've fucked worse.

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I still can't figure, is she just that stupid? Or is she that desperate to be relevant?

Leaning towards desperation though, it's horribly conceited to think that everyone, outside of some little subset of faggots, would appreciate her sensationalist hit piece... I mean she's not that hot anyway, don't give a fuck what anyone says, being stupid makes it worse, then again a desperate presstitute is pretty ugly too......................

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The second thing probably. People who want to be on TV usually are...

example: Bill Nye

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Anyone else wonder how she went from a DC channell seven girl doing high school football games to the top of the heap? Ask Brit Hume. (google it)

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Post a link you lazy cunt.

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She's hot( or at least was havent seen her in a while) Fox hired scads of hot women. Its about that simple.

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Which is very unfortunate. That interview was absolutely cringeworthy. He talked a ton and explained nothing.

Clearly we're experiencing a brain drain in America. This isn't even about politics. Liars, especially weak ones like him, are super easy to see.

I need to hurry up and get the fuck out of here.

The man had several Rick James moments where he denies something, yen confirms it sends later!

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Alex has his short comings, spending years tied to and procreating with a mentally unstable Jewess, which by itself would take a toll... Yeah he's full of shit a lot of times, youtube is filled with videos documenting it, whether it's his own or others people have thrown together.

At the same time, he gives voice to legitimate issues that the MSM won't touch, he does a shit ton for awareness, and it's just like anything else, you've got to think for yourself. There isn't a media source that is perfect, infowars isn't really near the top of some illusory "perfection" list, but they make an impact and usually the good outweighs the bad.

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I forward is a pile of lies and shit.

"Legitimate issues" that sounds dog whistly to me.

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yen confirms it sends later!

But it doo!

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You couldn't tell how they edited the shit outta that thing? Damn, not too bright are ya?

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And? His responses alone make my case.

I didn't do this.

Are you sure because evidence.

Well now that you say that..

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