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Fucking ridiculous how they immediately call this a terrorist attack and yet half of them refuse to call the bridge a terrorist attack.

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Its so weird how for so long the media uses "terrorist" only to refer to islamic attacks, and then one in just week flims the meaning to only non-muslim attacks. Prime example of a psy-op right here. They charge the meaning of a word in one direction after years of use, then weaponize it against the people who believe they are the sole victims of it. Very weird stuff.

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when the next muslim attack happens, these fuckwits will say "well you can't say you didn't deserve it after Finsbury Park"

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If someone said this IRL to me, I would pull their guts out their mouth.

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It's cultural appropriation, duh.

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England has given their people no outlet for their very deserved frustration with this situation. Thus, things like this are inevitable.

Congrats, UK. You're pushing your citizens to the breaking point. Enjoy the bloodbath. Every one of these open borders politicians seems to have forgotten that in a conflict, white people typically win.

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That's the plan

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Yes. The plan is to use Muslim terrorist attacks to steal civil liberties, and then use the reaction attacks to steal more civil liberties and push globalist ideology.

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Yup, anyone who doesn't know the details of the NWO need to listen to this, it is over 1 hour long but well worth it as it is incredibly captivating and describes events that are occurring today.


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The news this morning is banging on about the 'huge rise' in Islamaphobic hate crimes. Because sneering at a hijabbed woman is the same as physically attacking someone /s.

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The point is islam is cancer. The sooner it's eradicated the healthier the world will be.

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religion as a whole is cancer.

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Some cancers are benign. Others are maliganant and need removed.

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Oh look, it's a fedora-faggot...

Don't forget that Sweden and Germany (the most PC/mulitcanceral) are atheistic shitholes. Meanwhile Christian countries like Poland remain pure

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Only 1died? Damn! Needs a bigger truck.

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The guy died of a heart attack, the Far Right death count is still 0 vs 500ish for Muslims.

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Proof we are more intelligent than our political opponents. Flip the script on them and use their own lexicon- - calling them on their "Anglophobia". Watch as they reeeee under their own arguments used against them. Well done, lads

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Finally some retaliation!

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Should have waited for one of those muslim unity marches, or the funeral or protest this attack causes.

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Doesn't anyone recognize the Hegelian Dialectic anymore?

This shit is so goddamned obvious, even my idiot Facebook feed fillers are seeing how retarded the media has become. They're figuring out that the media, the information clearinghouse, makes us all out to be racists when they are the ones giving the bias. Forced and manufactured bias and consent - in short, Public Relations the Edward Bernays way.

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Look how quickly these assholes running the UK jump on the anti terrorism bandwagon in order to dilute the real meaning of terrorism

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