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I wish your post could be stickied to the front of Voat. White Genocide is no conspiracy, its being waged, and a (((peculiar people))) are the driving force behind it.


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I get what you're saying but it is indeed a conspiracy, jews have been conspiring, it's no theory.


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Honestly I really don't understand why.

Look at Iran. They used puppet Shah's (SP) to assert control of the nation but when they were going to assume direct control it turned out the Shah's weren't really puppets after all and Islam took over. In Europe it's the same damn thing, they're pushing Islam into the nations to weaken them for an eventual takeover by the EU but that's only under the assumption that the Islamists will cooperate when that time comes. They won't. You might think they could remove them by force but good fucking luck with that when they're more than 50% of your population in a few generations.

It's a huge "coincidence" that it seems like these orgs are always pushed by (((white people))) but it just doesn't make sense to me unless they're post-modernist "Burn it all down and hope something better rises from the ashes" types, because once you cede those lands to them you aren't getting them back without extensive, expensive protracted wars or tremendous human rights violations that would be impossible to hide in this day and age.
I can only figure they allow and encourage Islamic attacks so when they start violating human rights, people don't care or even cheer it on.


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I must give credit here to voatusernamevoat who actually provides links or kek image style screenshots to real news items. However I think the first post is missing credibility, we all know the UN is dumbass and stupid but Daily Stormer and storm front etc are a bunch of sad neo-Nazi and white supremacist so called forum "news" sites, they have little credibility and make up all kinds of tinfoil headed anti-Jew conspiracy filled with hysteria, some of these fuckwits are actually aligned with criminal illegal immigrant Africans and islamo jihadis because in their fucked up logic the more problems islamics create in the West the more people will hate Israelis and join alt-right KKK style groups...they are basically full of shit weakass fucked up white nationalists with a brain disease that sees Jew conspiracy EVERYWHERE, if they can not see an 'imaginary' Jew conspiracy they will try create one. The Neo-Nazi numbskulls they are easily manipulated as stupid and fucked up as any islamo Turk or any dumbass Arab. The only reason these posts get up voted on voat is because here on voat we have been flooded by a bunch of fucking facebook reddit pussies who have been beaten, editing and bashed down by Zuckerberg and the reddit CEO Huffman so now these reddit assholes flood voat with their constant Jewish conspiracy bullshit instead of returning to that reddit shithole from which they originally came. On the topic of the whole islamo 'migrant' jihadi 'refugee' or rapefugee, the countries of Hungary, Australia, Japan, Poland etc did call it correct. The West or the Western style democratic nation, it is good that Hillary lost the election she would have fucked up the West, she was bought and paid for by the globalists and Saudis and the West does not need islam or it needs islam like it needs a fucking hole in the head.


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If I could upvote you x1000, I would.

Also, I like this image too.


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It's jew's White genocide agenda, plain and simple. I wouldn't ban abortion completely though, for example, forcing White women to have an abomination from being raped by shitskins is unconscionable.


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Literally doing Amaterasu's work, son.


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nigga thats kawaii af


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Exactly! So the question is this: why are the vast majority of white people opposed to surgical violence against those who are trying to exterminate us?

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