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Trumps legal team is not sitting back and cowering. They're out in front and I would not be surprised if they start aggressively going after these people who are "leaking" info. This needs to happen.


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I learned today that supposedly after Watergate, the FBI is supposed to be separate from the president to remain impartial. So apparently Trump does not have the 'right' to demand loyalty. But he still didn't break any laws and everything else is just conspiracy theory bullshit.


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My boss isn't a public servant.

Unless it is actual classified material, there is no law that prevents someone from speaking up about a meeting between two public servants.

I don't want people to hear, and It's illegal for people to hear are two different things.

They're his notes so he can decide to share hem or not, no? There is no classified information in them as well.

So what's laws were broken?

We don't know what happened with obstruction, let the investigators do their job.


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Public servant or not is irrelevant to presumed confidentiality. When you wife blows me behind the dumpster there is only minor expectation of privacy, but when she makes the other guys leave the exxon bathroom everybody knows she wants to do something really freaky and since I am the one getting the rim job I should keep my mouth shut.

They are not "his" notes they are his "workproduct" and belong to the government no different than his dossier on hillary and humas strap ons. and if you knew a fucking thing about government security you would know this.

Why do you think Comey refused to answer questions in public even though he was no longer a govt employee?

You sir are a moron.


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He can presume anything he wants, if it's not classified and you're a public servant it can be used do or against you, nothing illegal there.

His "work product" in that case was allowed to be public, it wasn't classisfed.

He couldn't answer questions pertaining to classified information.

Why did you have to call me an idiot. You feel a certain way, the law says otherwise, tough shit man.

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What "mandates?" Not any shit off paper, what exact thing is being broken? You're making he accusation, so what is it?

What expert with years of experience in these types of things is saying it is, "taking too long?" Again your point.