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the historical record of Christianity is worse,

Stopped reading right about here. The deaths caused by castration in the Muslim Slave Trade alone far exceeds the total body count of Christianity. That's not including the Armenian Genocide, the slaughter of Hindus and Buddhists (and Sikhs) throughout Afghanistan, India, and many other asian countries, the wholesale Holocaust of African Christians, the Many invasions into Europe, or the current Muslim Jihads occuring In 2017, in Germany, the Philippines, France, Kenya, England, China, America, Russia, Italy, or Iran.

Christianity is the foundation​ of modern Western Civilization - otherwise known as Civilization. Equating it to barbarism shows you've swallowed the marxist lie entirely.

Kill yourself, you degenerate filth.

Edit: Check out @Tallest_Skil's response, which was hit by some heavy shitlib shill activity and is currently at the bottom of the thread. Fuck you in advance, @PureReason.


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His nickname gives some hope, thought. Aparently he is still a newbie..


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Thank you in advance for the downvotes.

Stop being wrong and you’ll stop being downvoted.

As backward as Islam is, the historical record of Christianity is worse

Citation needed.

the only reason Christians have ostensibly become “less violent” in the present is because western Christians are now citizens of economically stable, lawful countries.

Nope, they were less violent from the very beginning.

Islam on the other hand is most prominent in third world countries, where law is non-existent or irrepairably corrupt

No, it has absolutely nothing to do with socioeconomic status, as proven by the behavior of dune coons in Western nations with all the trappings and WELFARE thereof.

many third world countries are Christian

Like Belarus, which has... oh, wait, nowhere fucking near the violence of Islamic countries.

What I’m getting at is a deeper rooted problem.

Yes, your lack of comprehension.

downvoting as an alternative to using reason or logic in your arguments

That’s what liberals do.

are bigots

You have no idea what that word means, and your use of it outs you for what you are.

Together we could have a very meaningful chance to change the world by crushing religion as the dangerous method of social control it is

tips fedora

The door is that way. Go the fuck back to Tumblr, kike.

Most reasonable people know that religion is bad

Grow the fuck up, Stephen Fry, and get your dick out of other men. Even Dawkins supports Christianity.

the psychological perversion of Christianity

Ah, and what would that be? Do tell.

the damage it has inflicted on the world

YEAH. All that industry and art and science and technology. What fucking catastrophic wreckage.

pretending that Islam is the only problematic religion

Because they’re paid to ignore judaism.

And this brings me to why we are doomed.

Oh, so kill yourself now, then, since there’s no hope.

Being wrong simply does not stop people from arguing because...

...Liberalism (jewry from the frankfurt school) has taught people that OBJECTIVE TRUTH DOES NOT EXIST, despite all logic and reason proving otherwise, and so you fuckfaces keep shitposting long after you’ve been scientifically disproven.

capitalism has

Holy fucking hell, go back to Tumblr.

the belief that the objective of an argument is to enforce your will


Reason is abandoned within seconds of all mainstream political debates because...

See the thing about liberals above.

capitalism does not work for 90 percent of people.

  1. Kill yourself, atheist.
  2. Kill yourself, marxist.
  3. Kill yourself, moral relativist.
  4. Fuck off somewhere that your lies are actually believed.


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Your comment and all the comments replying to you have 32 downvoats. Your reply was fantastic. I'll turn the other cheek and kindly take those 32 downvoats from those little dipshits as well. Thank you for your reply. You haven't been silenced.


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Yes, your lack of comprehension.



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No, they don't. Every flaw these people point out in capitalism arises from government intervention -- a socialist or communist feature, not a capitalistic feature.

EDIT: holy shit 32 downvotes and not a single reply to my comment stating a flaw in my statement? I smell salty shills.


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You hurt their feelings hahaha...


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Top-notch response.

These people are deranged whether they believe the dogma, or whether they know it's all bullshit and peddle it anyway.


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You, @Mr_YUP, and I got hit hard by some shills, I think. The guy we replied to was the first comment in this thread, and he was the only one to get as badly downvoted. Plus the three of us who replied to him all have 32 downvotes (the same number a @Tallest_Skil received). If OP wanted to convince anyone he has legitimate points that actually hold water, this is where he fails.


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EDIT: OP is a two-hour old account and likely part of a shill army. See the most downvoted comment in this thread. He, and everyone who replied to him, received the same massive number of downvotes. Just pointing that out.

In this post you've essentially criticized Christianity, the right-wing, and capitalism.

I agree that all Organized Religions are means of controlling the masses. However I think Christianity, unlike Judaism or Islam, has a respectable morality and is compatible with Western culture. It also underwent a reformation, as someone else has indicated here. Spirituality is important, having some anchor to believe in the present and the future is crucial for a civilization's survival. Organized Religion, though used to control people, where Christianity is concerned does offer a good morality, and for that it is truly beneficial and helped found the West and all its greatness. Religion is not necessary to have morality, though there are some on Voat who will disagree with this. I maintain that it is possible to be a moral atheist -- one must simply find a morality / fundamental principle to replace the religion so that the void is not filled with hedonism or nihilism.

The right-wing has much more to its name than Christianity. It is often more fiscally responsible and pragmatic, where the left-wing is usually more respecting of individual social liberty. Both have their pros and cons, and both are more or less useful depending on the historic context.

As for capitalism, you likely don't understand it. If you do, and you still disagree with it, it is because you have accepted the dogma of Marxism and reject the very idea of personal property -- upon which capitalism hinges. Yet without personal property you cannot have a free society. It is demonstrable.

You expected blind downvotes and got numerous argument-based replies. I wonder if you will even respond.


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"In this post you've essentially criticized Christianity, the right-wing, and capitalism."


OP has a new account. Bet it's a leftist shill.


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Longstanding Voater here: Fuck Christianity, fuck the right-wing, and fuck capitalism. And we're at it, fuck Islam, fuck the left-wing, and fuck you too.

I would prefer secular humanism, non-bipartisan politcs, and Capitalism needs so many patch jobs to make it work that it inevitably collapses into communism (as it had in USSR and that region) or crony capitalism with tons of rentseeking.

So I'll happily argue with most voaters on these topics, but I'm not going to do it via the bullshit OP did.


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Get out.


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I think secular humanism is a fine moral philosophy, as long as national borders and cultural ideologies are maintained. Have respect for your fellow man, irrespective of their gods, treat them well and work together on all issues that affect all men (like preserving the rainforest, keeping our air breathable, etc.) but do not force the death of all cultures by forcing Indians and Japs and Russians and Spaniards and Americans and Africans and Brazilians to all share each others' nations. That destroys diversity and provably only creates internal conflicts and instability. I will respect those people if they respect me, my family, and my culture. I will not disturb their lands and cultures if they leave mine alone. In that sense, humanism is wonderful.

I agree politics should be non-bipartisan. Bi-partisan systems are terrible because whenever you get a really bad candidate with a reasonable following, one feels compelled to vote for the lesser of two evils instead of a favourable independent candidate as they would prefer, simply in order to ensure the really bad candidate doesn't become leader. Look at the last US election. I'm sure many who voted for Trump would have preferred to vote for independents, but the threat of HRC becoming president was staring everyone in the face.

I'm not infected with that dogma that has everyone thinking they automatically deserve anything, so I'm not so opposed to true free market laissez-faire capitalism. You get what you work for, people will pay whatever they think a good or service is worth, anyone is free to start a competing product or service if one becomes too corrupt. I believe it is the economic system that best supports freedom, and for that I support it. As soon as governments or banks are given the power to control things, however, you are right -- it devolves into something evil, like communism, socialism, or corporatism.

I'll happily discuss any topic with any Voater at any time. I have my beliefs, most stem from my passionate dedication to individual liberty, but if others can show me logic and reason I have overlooked, I may change my beliefs. Only through discourse can we learn.


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Horseshit. Christianity had a huge reformation. Islam never has. Literalists are a tiny minority in Christianity.


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See, people keep talking about “a reformation” as though it has behaviorally changed. It hasn’t. Christianity has always been peaceful. The Reformation (capital) refers to the rise of Protestantism and its restoration of Biblical doctrine from the catholic heresy. It was a matter of changing internal affairs, not external behavioral modes.

What you’re calling “literalists” are actually heretics who think they’re kikes and have to follow the kikes’ rules from the Old Testament. They’re not Christian.





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"truth about islam"

Op has most likely never picked up a koran. Yet op somehow thinks he can intelligently talk about an entire religion or faith. Op probably has not even read the bible.

The op just happily ignores all the genocides in history, in favor for the Christian ones, yet the op misses a very important point: Christianity is the ONLY faith in history, that has viewed it's actions with regret. No other culture has done this. Historically the pagan cultures would justify the extermination of weaker peoples as the just culling of the weak.

The op is ignorant, has no life experience, and is such a bigot that the op thinks they can speak about an entire faith that they know nothing about. Then the op has the audacity to complain when people rightly down voat their mental deficiency to oblivion, where it belongs.


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Historically the pagan cultures would justify the extermination of weaker peoples as the just culling of the weak.

One could argue that tolerance has stunted human evolution.


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Tolerance is the virtue of the man without conviction. – G. K. Chesterton


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You are probably right. Third world countries tend to have good resources, yet the people there can't seem to pull themselves out of poverty.


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"Only the people who share MY beliefs are reasonable..."

Hopeful username, though.


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Whataboutism. Oh wait, is only shareblue allowed to use that word?


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Bottom comment is best comment. I smell trolls.

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