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Circumcision is done on non-Jews at the parent's request for health reasons, not to change the appearance or for sexual reasons. Big difference.


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I have never, in my entire life, heard someone say they were getting their son circumcised for health reasons. The only reason I have ever heard is solely based on appearance.


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You have now lol.

We haven't fully decided if our child turns out to be a boy (we are hoping for a girl) whether we are having him circumsized. If it weren't for the health aspects, it would be a no brainer. The cosmetic aspects of a circumcision are not nearly enough to outweigh making that decision on behalf of our child, especially since the cosmetic aspects won't come into play until he is practically an adult and can decide anyway.


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No. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want to change Islam, you HAVE to be better than them. We can't sit on a soap box preaching about how we are better than polygamist Islam and have Mormon Polygamy. We can't say that female genital mutilation is bad while we circumcise. This hypocrisy removes the credibility of our argument that they are a bunch of cowardly barbaric savages.