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Doesn't matter, even smart people that only consume mainstream media are fully convinced at this point that there are mountains of evidence, and are even offended when you suggest otherwise. I've even heard Obama's Russian diplomat expulsion stunt listed as evidence of Trump's collusion. How? I don't know, but the fact that a thing happened is apparently evidence of Russia getting Trump elected. And if you ask these people how Russia could've possibly written Hillary's emails, you just get told that her emails don't matter. But if her emails don't matter, then how did Russia's purported hacking influence the election? It's just desperate flailing.


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If you're smart you don't only consume main stream media.


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Nah. Get out of the city. Most people have simply shut down and stopped believing anything

Harvard study: 87% of republicans 65% of independents and 53% of democrats believe the media regularly lies. Highest they've ever measured