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That is proof John Podesta works for Russia. It is an LD 1 disclosure form.

Podesta also received 100,000 shares from Joule, over 4 years.

(Here is Podesta's tax attorney:

That is the board at Joule. All Russian CEOs, including Sberbank, Troika Dialog, Rusnano and Rosatom.

They all worked together to make the Uranium One deal happen.

But, it gets worse.

Chaika is exposed in this documentary that is banned in Russia.

Yuri Chaika was in put in power by Medvedev, but he indicates to an intelligence analyst that Sergei Ivanov is calling the shots.

Chaika said he has already been under a lot of heat because of the Politkovskaya arrests. He said that he would rather not tell me about the "Chechen mastermind" they arrested. I asked if this was because he was not really a mastermind and Chaika said that "many things needed to be tied up as we head into this election and the end of Putin's reign." [I know this is strange, but he kept saying things like, "Ivanov needs to have control over the situation he's about to enter into.... Ivanov is known for his distance from such situations, so they need to be wrapped up."]

What is crazy, is that even organized crime won't go near energy assets, which is a playground that Podesta, Hillary and the DNC have no problem playing in. That is a really interesting point... that they scare the Russian mob.

Either way, these people at the top of Russian politics are very often cooperating with our own intelligence assets. Here is a list:

During the course of the Uranium One scandal, Gazprom was also acquiring extraction rights and expanding with more locations and resources.

the company builds pipelines around the world and Gazprom wanted the the company, so the owner of the company ended up with his shoulders broken and stuffed into a pipeline. Then they turned on the nat gas and he suffocated while his limbs flew off in the 50 mph nat gas flow.....

The Russians seem pretty great at compartmentalizing, but all these paths seem to course through Dmitry Medvedev.

I am confident that a decent group of investigators can tie all this up, now that the Chaika scandal has been exposed. It is just a matter of tracing the web.

Meanwhile, the news in the US doesn't actually educate people on how Russian corruption works because that would elucidate ties to our own government.


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Shills are avoiding your comment like the plague.


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Shills are avoiding your comment like the plague.

The shills are avoiding his comment because they are hoping nobody will notice he has supported his stupid bullshit with a link to Steptoe.Com. Donald Trump gets put under investigation by the FBI and dozens of people turn up to attack anybody even suggesting he has done anything wrong. And you are saying the people being attacked are the shills, yes?

You are a fucking retard.


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And THAT is what EVIDENCE IS, Shariablue!! Please post your EVIDENCE now.


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Fucking saving this. I've been looking for a sourced consolidated argument..