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[–] The_Ghost 10 points -6 points (+4|-10) ago 

Atheism is a plague from the inside. Islam is a plague from the outside. Both need to be wiped out.


[–] Neo-maxi-zoom-dweeby 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

That's stupid. God is a good tool for managing the low IQ. They need a framework and to feel like someone is watching them. Christianity is a good program for this - much better than most other ideologies. So I support churches - but I cannot accept magic myself.


[–] The_Ghost ago 

God is absolutely real, and it is those who reject Christ who have low IQ. Where do you think your body's consciousness comes from? It comes from the soul, and the soul comes from God. God is all-knowing, and he has seen the future. He even warned of globalism with the Tower of Babel story.


[–] SaveTheChildren 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago 

Christianity isn't 'right', but there is a creator.


[–] finalchao 2 points 1 point (+3|-2) ago 

Sorry, is my faithlessness triggering to you?